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This is a transcript of the Dragon Tales episode "Hand In Hand" from season three, which aired on February 23, 2005.


  • [In the playroom, Max is playing with a toy car, until it bumps into a toy house.]
  • Max: Vroom! Vroom! Eeerr! (Drives to the house) What’s a house doing in the middle of my highway?
  • Emmy: I had to make room for my stable.
  • Max: Well it’s blocking my car! (Bumps his car into the house) Vroom! Vroom!
  • Emmy: [Takes the horses out of the stable] Careful! You’ll scare the ponies!
  • [Enrique comes by]
  • Enrique: [sighs] You two are always arguing lately. What’s gotten into you?
  • [Max and Emmy point at each other.]
  • Emmy: [simultaneously] It’s his fault!
  • Max: [Simultaneously] It’s her fault!
  • Emmy and Max: It’s your fault!
  • Zak: You know, when those two argue, they remind me of someone.
  • Wheezie: Really? Who?
  • Zak: Hmm……..
  • Wheezie: They do remind me of someone, but who do we know who argues like that?
  • Zak: It’s right on the tip of my tongue.
  • Max: Thank you, Wyatt.
  • Emmy: (turns to Zak and Wheezie) And thank you for your advice. But if you know so much about working together, how come you’re always arguing?
  • Zak: Huh? Us argue?
  • (Both Zak and Wheezie look surprised.)
  • Wheezie: So that’s who they remind us of! Us! Maybe we should listen to our own advice.
  • Max: There’s still time to play cars.
  • Enrique: Bueno! You guys should be able to play without arguing now.
  • Emmy: Definitely. And thanks to your wish, we’re closer than ever.
  • Max: Just not too close.
  • (The three all laugh.)