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This is a transcript of the Dragon Tales episode "Have No Fear" from season two, which aired on June 18, 2001.


  • [Max is in the playroom looking in the toy chest for something.]
  • Max: Too broken [Throws a toy plane]. Too bouncy [tosses a few balls].
  • [He then pulls out a big cowboy hat.]
  • Max: Too big.
  • Max: It’s.………it’s…………what is it?
  • Emmy: It’s a pomegranate, a very delicious kind of fruit.
  • Max: It’s called a grana-pommet.
  • Emmy: Pomegranate.
  • Ord: Should I try and help look, or should I leave?
  • Sid: Leaf? Huh, did somebody say ‘leaf’. [Laughs] Get it? Leaf. Leaf, heh.
  • Ord: [stern] No! I said ‘leave’! Not leaf.
  • Sid: You know, you don’t have to bark.
  • Ord: Sorry Sid.