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This is a transcript of the Dragon Tales episode "Hello, Ms. Tipps" from season three, which aired on March 29, 2005.


  • Max: Uhh. Hi, everybody. We're ready for school.
  • Zak: And just in time. We don't wanna be late.
  • Ord: Yeah, school today is gonna be really, really special.
  • Cassie: We're going to hear a story about Prince Griffin.
  • Enrique: Who's that?
  • Lorca: Who's Prince Griffin? Prince Griffin is the dragon who tamed the golden unicorn. He untangled the pretzel snakes. He charted the invisible sea. He's the greatest hero in Dragon Land history.
  • Max: Hmm?
  • Emmy: Oh.
  • Lorca: Quetzal reads us stories about him every year and I can't wait to hear them again.
  • Quetzal: All right, niños. Please be seated. Today, I must go to a teachers' meeting on the other side of Dragon Land. So today, la clase will be taught by a substitute teacher. [All gasp and murmur] Sí. A teacher who will take my place while I'm gone.
  • Lorca: Gone?
  • Quetzal: It's only for today, and I'm leaving you all in very capable hands. I'd like you to meet her now. Ms. Tipps?
  • Ms. Tipps: Hello, children.
  • Quetzal: This is Ms. Tipps. Once upon a time, she was a student of mine, just as you are now.
  • All: Hmm?
  • Quetzal: I know you'll all make her feel most welcome. Hasta mañana, niños.
  • [All talking at once]
  • Cassie: We've never had a new teacher except Quetzal.
  • Ord: I know. Having a new teacher is gonna [Ord swallows a bit] be different.
  • Emmy: It'll be OK. I've had substitutes before.
  • Enrique: Yeah, moving so much, I've had lots of different teachers. It's no big deal.
  • Lorca: She doesn't look like a teacher. She's not at all like Quetzal.
  • Emmy: Teachers can look lots of different ways.
  • Max: Like Ms. Tipps said: A little change can be……
  • All Three: A beautiful thing!