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I Believe In Me
Season: 2
Production code: 11a
Broadcast number: 11a
Written by:
Patsy Anasti
Broadcast Information
PBS Kids Premiere:
September 3, 2001
Paired with
"Bye Bye Baby Birdie"

I Believe In Me is the first segment of the eleventh episode of the second season of Dragon Tales.


The gang must help Cassie get over stage fright in order to audition for the part of the eponymous heroine of the musical All Hail Queen Dragonia.


Max is pretending to be a train locomotive, ultimately including Emmy as a train car.

Once they arrive, they hear Cassie humming and then singing while she is picking flowers off bushes (and, as per part of the song lyrics, two giant butterflies pick her up for a while). Once they applaud, Cassie gasps in shock and is embarrassed, although Max and Emmy compliment her. Ord tells them that Quetzal is going to announce an upcoming play, and the possibilities of either being part of the cast (acting in the play), or the crew (namely, building the set), or audience (just watching the play and eating dragon corn), meaning Quetzal has nothing left to announce. Quetzal needs someone to play a king, a prince, and a princess, and especially a really good singer to play the titular queen Dragonia for the musical All Hail Queen Dragonia. He tells those who want to try out to come see him. Emmy advises her to try out, but she decides she's happy building the set.

The girls (not including Wheezie) are painting a throne, and Max is painting a crown, but Cassie is nervous about it despite wanting the perfect role: Queen Dragonia. At one point, she accidentally paints the hair on the back of Max's head as he backs up, and then his nose as he turns. She apologizes and admits her problem. As she leaves to try out by both children's advice, she is asked what part she wants, and she replies that she wants the part of the queen.

Quetzal is impressed that Cassie wants to try out, but advises her that there is another dragon trying out for the role of Dragonia. She has to choose a short scene, do a dance, and sing a song to try out.

Cassie is relieved that that part is over, but is nervous about having to try out in front of Quetzal. Emmy tells Cassie the best thing to do is to practice in front of her friends. She tells her that Zak and Wheezie can help her with her singing, Emmy with her dancing, and, as Max says, he and Ord can help her with her acting, and demonstrates by pretending to be a train.

For starters, Zak tells her to warm up her voice before starting to sing. Wheezie demonstrates by breathing fire. Cassie follows suit and sends them to the audience. Zak and Wheezie argue over where to sit; Wheezie wants to sit in the front, but Zak in the back. Ultimately, they sit with Ord, and because all viewers are in the same row, they are all sitting in the front. Ord is eating dragon corn and offering it to the twins, but Cassie clears her throat to get his attention, and then tries singing her song from earlier, but doesn't do well because she knows she is being watched. Emmy says she will be watched during the play. Ord adds that they won't stop watching for any reason but to get more dragon corn, and then they'll look at her again when they get back. Cassie panics, doubting herself. Emmy asks her if she wants to be in the play, and Cassie says yes. Emmy says everyone in Dragon Land is her friend, and they want her to do really well, so she should just relax. Cassie starts with a few deep breaths.

Next, Cassie practices acting. Although illiterate himself, Max tells her to say the words exactly as they are written. She starts by reading them aloud first. She then does it again. For a third one, she hands the script to Ord and then tries again. Max blows a horn, and Ord calls out a line. Cassie thanks them, but struggles on the one line she was trying out, even with some of the words fed into her by Ord or Max (e.g. When Ord says, "Me" as the next word, she says, "Believe in Ord" both times). She believes she'd better start over, and then she memorizes most of the line, before she gets scared to do it any more. Emmy encourages her improvement, and Zak says the more she practices in front of them, the more comfortable she'll become. Ord and Max are eating more dragon corn, and Cassie tries the line again, this time with total success.

Next comes dance lessons. Emmy tries to teach her a dance with castanets. Cassie takes them and starts out doing well until she sees that she is being watched. After Zak and Wheezie give her feedback, Cassie decides to remember that they are her friends and want to see her having a good time, so she tries the dance again, this time with total success, and she is finally ready.

Cassie tries out her castanet dance, the self-belief line, and her song from earlier in front of Quetzal. He is impressed with all three of those.

At the casting, albeit with difficulty because all who tried out did a great job, Quetzal makes his decision: he casts a dragon named Flora as Queen Dragonia (much to Cassie's disappointment), Lorca as the king, and some other dragon as the prince (presumably named "Bobolino"?). The other two girls apologize to Cassie that she didn't get the part, but she gets over it, as she had fun practicing anyway. Additionally, Quetzal casts Cassie as the princess. She is glad she didn't give up, and her dragon badge glows.

Once Max and Emmy get home, they decide to see a play on Broadway, except that "Broadway" is in the living room, so Max decides to play train on the way.



I Believe In Me (transcript)

Memorable Quotes[]

Cassie: Bye! ♪Ohhhh, they almost carried me awayyyyy!♫ (Max and Emmy clap, and she gasps) Emmy! Max! How long have you been here?

Max: Long enough to know you sing great!

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  • As Cassie was spinning while singing the first line in her "Strolling Dragon Land" song, that included the direction where Emmy and Max were, yet she didn't react to it. How did she not know they were there?

Notes and Trivia[]

  • At the beginning of the episode, Emmy has a purse with her. But after she convinces Cassie to try out for the play, the purse is never seen again.
  • Flora strongly resembled Luna from "Cassie Loves A Parade."
  • Speaking of which, Flora is the third dragon Cassie loses to in being picked for a particular thing, the first two being Luna and Sparkle in "Cassie Loves a Parade," where they get picked for a book float parade, much to Cassie's sorrow.
  • Quetzal said "only one other person" is trying out for the play instead of one other dragon. That other person turned out to be Flora.
  • The song Cassie sings is to the tune of "While Strolling Through the Park."
  • It is never specified if the prince in All Hail Queen Dragonia is the title character's son, or if the princess is her daughter, or if it is both.


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