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This is a transcript of the Dragon Tales episode "I Believe In Me" from season two which aired on September 3, 2001.


  • [Emmy and Max arrive in Dragon Land and find Cassie picking flowers and humming to herself, though she doesn’t know it.]
  • Cassie: [Singing] While strolling Dragon Land one day, picking flowers all along the way, I was taken by surprise by some giant butterflies and they always carry me away. [Two butterflies come in and lift her by the arms before flying away.]
  • Cassie: [Giggles] Bye. [Back to singing] Oooh! They always carry me away!
  • [She then gasps in shock when she sees Emmy and Max clapping.]
  • [Max, Emmy and Cassie are all painting the props and sets at singing springs. Max is painting the crown while Emmy and Cassie paint the throne blue]
  • Emmy: Queen Dragonia’s throne is going to look beautiful. Don’t you think, Cassie?
  • Cassie: [distracted] Huh? Uh, yeah. I guess.
  • [However, Cassie isn’t really paying attention and accidentally paints the back of Max’s head.]
  • Max: Hey!
  • [Max then turns around and she ends up painting him on the nose.]
  • Cassie: Sorry Max. My mind’s on something else. I keep thinking about how much fun it would be to be in the play and sit on this beautiful throne.
  • Emmy: If you want to be in the play, then you should go talk to Quetzal.
  • Max: Right away.
  • Cassie: Alright, I will.
  • Emmy: Cassie, what part do you want to play?
  • Cassie: Queen Dragonia.
  • Cassie: Not only do I have to sing, I have to dance and act too.
  • Cassie: Oh, I don't think I can do this!