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Isabella (voiced by Lenore Zann) is a yellow dragon and also a train engineer who works and rides the Dragon Land Express in Dragon Land.

Physical Appearance[]

Isabelle is a yellow dragon with soot on her face, purplish pink hair, pink dots on her arms, an engineer hat with azure and light gray vertical stripes (and the brim being the latter color), blue engineer overalls, azure gloves (more bluish than on her hat), and two sharp fangs showing. She also has a wrench in her overall "bib" pocket and has a pendant of a conductor's whistle.


Isabella is gentle, fun, and kindhearted and is more than happy to offer anyone a ride on the Dragon Land Express. Even when times get tough, she remains confident knowing there'll always be a way to solve them.




Season 3[]


  • Isabella is seen to be almost identical to Polly Nimbus, only more yellowish and more clothed.
  • In the Season 3 episode El Dia del Maestro, she joins in with her friends to celebrate The Day of the Teacher for Quetzal.