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Jingle Flowers

Jingle flowers are flowers that are native to Dragon Land. They are called that because they jingle like jingle bells during the Christmas holiday.

In "A Feat On Her Feet," it is shown that they are watered with water from Singing Springs; otherwise, they lose their jingle. This kicks off a plot where Cassie, who has grown some herself, and whose cart got broken in a roller-skating accident, has to learn how to skate in order to efficiently get all of them to Singing Springs on time.

In "Frog Prints," Max picks one off a bush and ties it to Hoppy the Unicroaker so he can hear when Hoppy is coming (at least when he's saying an elongated version of Max's name), but it is so heavy he can't hop, so Max takes it off.

Jingle flowers appear again in "Itching For A Cure," but they are yellow instead of gray. Zak, Wheezie, and Enrique come across those and first meet the Grumbly Bee, who won't allow them to have honey unless they make him laugh with a joke.