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The Jugglebug is a blue bug that can juggle acorns and is sometimes hard to find in Dragon Land making it very, very rare. In fact, as Zak reveals in its debut episode, this bug is only found in the Stickleback Mountains.

Not only is a Jugglebug extremely rare, it is also easily scared away by loud noises.

Physical Appearance[]



Season 1[]

Season 2[]


  • Scat-singing is the only voice made by Jugglebugs, but it is unknown who does the voice in So Long Solo. However, in Quibbling Siblings and Sounds Like Trouble, it is voiced by Chantal Strand, who also voices Cassie.
  • The Jugglebugs are lighter blue (or at least their heads are) in the first, cel-animated season, than in the second, digital-ink one.