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Just Desserts
Season: 2
Production code: 9b
Broadcast number: 9b
Written by:
Elizabeth de La Garza Vargas
Broadcast Information
PBS Kids Premiere:
June 21, 2001
Paired with
"Knuck Knuck, Who's Where?"

Just Desserts is the second segment of the ninth episode of the second season of Dragon Tales.


The friends mistakenly ruin a Wiggly-Jiggly dessert Mungus the Giant had just made for his mother's birthday, so they all pitch in to help him make a new one. Max and Cassie go to pick Buttercups and Catgloves, Zak and Wheezie find pink and yellow seashells, and Ord and Emmy find blue and red round and square bubbles as the ingredients. But can they remember the exact instructions?


In the playroom, Max and Emmy are having gelatin for a snack, and Max can’t decide between either orange or cherry as red jello. But once they are called to Dragon Land, they decide to have their snack later.

The dragons then bring Max and Emmy along for a game of Flying Freeze Tag (with Max flying on Ord, and Emmy on Cassie, as usual), until Ord and Max crash onto something soft and bouncy. Nobody knew what it was, but Cassie believes it to be a Bounce-Mount, so they all join in and bounce on it.

Just then, Mungus the Giant appears, being very upset, making him cry. Ord says "Mungus, what's the matter?" Mungus tells them that what they bounced on was a gelatin desert (or wiggly-jiggly as he refers to it) that was meant to be a surprise for his mother’s birthday. The gang feels guilty, as they didn’t know it was a dessert, so to fix the mess, they offer to help Mungus make a new one before his mother gets off work.

Mungus lays out a list of ingredients, which includes flowers called buttercups and catgloves, pink and yellow seashells, and round and square bubbles that are blue and red. Cassie says she saw flowers like those in Flower Valley and Max, curious about Flower Valley, decides to go with her. Zak and Wheezie go to get the shells at Dragoon Lagoon and, since Max was going with Cassie, Emmy flies with Ord to get the bubbles at the Fizzing Fountain.

Max and Cassie arrive at Flower Valley. But once they get there, they forget what flowers they needed and started picking random ones instead. They fly back to Mungus to remind them of the right flowers they need. Mungus tells them that they need Buttercups and Catgloves, but they still get mixed up. He assures them that sometimes he forgets things, too, so he then tells them that sometimes it helps to visualize something that sounds like what they’re looking for (for instance, to remember hot dogs, Mungus imagines an actual dog that’s hot and sitting in front of an AC). So to help remember Buttercups and Catgloves, Max and Cassie think of a cup full of butter (since the flowers are also yellow like butter) and a cat wearing gloves respectively. They fly back to the Valley and get the right flowers and bring them back to Mungus.

Meanwhile, Zak and Wheezie are looking for the shells, but they can’t remember if they were supposed to be green and brown (as Wheezie thinks) or silver and gold (as Zak thinks), and Wheezie gets the two pairs mixed up. So they go back to Mungus and he tells them that it’s actually pink and yellow shells they need. This reminds Wheezie of a jump rope rhyme about two people named Mrs. Dink and Mrs. Bellow. Mungus then suggests that they change the names in the rhyme to Mrs. Pink and Mrs. Yellow to help them remember. They fly back to the lagoon and gather the right shells thanks to the rhyme (with each dragon picking up the color in alphabetical order, just like in the new rhyme, as Wheezie picks up a pink seashell, and Zak picks up a yellow one).

Finally, Ord and Emmy arrive at the fountain, and Emmy gathers purple and orange bubbles. Ord isn’t sure if those were the ones they needed, but they fly back to Mungus anyway. But when they do, Mungus tells them that while the bubbles are square and round, they are the wrong colors, as they are purple and orange instead of blue and red. So once again, they need a reminder to help them out. So they each decide to look for one color each, in which Ord will remember blue (as he is a blue dragon) and Emmy will remember red (as it’s her favorite color and the same color as her shirt, headband, and most of her shoes).

The gang all brings the right ingredients to Mungus and put it all together in the mixing bowl. With the wiggly-jiggly all done, it isn’t long before Mungus’ mom arrives and turns out to be very surprised. Ord is surprised, too, as she turns out to be much bigger than his (Ord's).

Max and Emmy then head home to finish their snack. Max starts dancing around in the playroom, along with Emmy’s ‘wiggly-jiggly’.



Just Desserts (transcript)

Memorable Quotes[]

  • Zak & Wheezie: [sung] Mrs. Pink likes to wink when Mrs. Yellow plays her cello.
  • Mungus: That sounds like my mommy. Let's surprise her. Everybody hide!
  • Ord: And I thought my mommy was big.

Home Video release[]


  • We Can Solve It Together! (2003)


  • Although Mungus has four fingers on each hand (including a thumb), his mother has five on each hand (again, including a thumb).

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Moral: Sometimes it can be hard to remember things. But there are always ways to help you remember.
  • The title of this episode is also an expression that means "something someone deserves for a wrongdoing."
  • When this episode first aired, Mungus, Max, and Cassie said the second set of flowers are called foxgloves. But in later reruns, they redub them to catgloves.
  • This is one of the rare times Max flew on Cassie and Emmy flew on Ord.
    • In the former case, this is the second episode (the first being "Zak's Song"), but in the latter case, it is the fourth (the first being "Zak's Song" again, the second being "Stormy Weather," and the third being "A Tall Tale").
  • There are also reasons (albeit small ones) for Ord to remember red (as in "Remember The Pillow Fort," he picked red for his pillow fort) and Emmy to remember blue (as that is the color of her jumper).
  • This is the third episode in which the main characters are having trouble remembering instructions. The first was in the episode "True Blue Friend," in which they forgot Quetzal’s instructions on how to get the paint off. The second was in "Light My Firebreath," where they have to remember Dr. Booboogone’s steps to get Wheezie’s firebreath back.
  • This is also the third episode that has to do with someone's birthday, following "Ord's Unhappy Birthday" and "A Picture's Worth A Thousand Words," and followed by "On Thin Ice," "The Art of Patience," and "Feliz Cumpleaños, Enrique." This is both the second and last time both where the guest of honor is female, a parent, or incompletely shown (Mungus's mother meeting all three criteria), beaten there by "A Picture's Worth A Thousand Words" (where that guest is Ord's mother).
    • Interestingly, both mothers are voiced by Kathleen Barr, the voice of Wheezie.
  • When Ord and Emmy are collecting the correct colors of bubbles, Ord was only collecting those that were round. He should also have gotten some that were square.