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This is a transcript of the Dragon Tales episode "Just Desserts" from season two, which aired on June 21, 2001.


  • [Max and Emmy are in the playroom with two gelatin molds on the table]
  • Emmy: Do you want the cherry gelatin or the orange?
  • Max: Um……orange! No, cherry! No, orange! Huh?
  • [Mungus enters sobbing]
  • Ord: Mungus, what's the matter?
  • Mungus: [tearfully] I made that wiggly-jiggly dessert all by myself. It was going to be a surprise for my mommy's birthday, and now it's ruined!
  • [The gang gets down to the ground and Max runs up to hug Mungus]
  • Max: Oh Mungus, we’re sorry.
  • Cassie: I thought it was a bounce-a-mount and it was alright to play on.
  • Wheezie: We didn’t know it was dessert.
  • Mungus: I know you didn’t do it on purpose, but what am I going to do now? My mommy will be home from work soon and I won’t have anything special to give her!
  • Mungus: Let’s see. Buttercups and Catgloves.
  • Max: Buttercups and Catgloves. Butter-gloves are cat—How are we going to remember those?
  • Mungus: Well I make up a picture in my mind and it reminds me of the words.
  • Cassie: What do you mean?
  • Mungus: Well if I have to remember hotdogs, I think of a dog who’s so hot, he’s sitting in front of an air conditioner.
  • Max: I get it! So if we’re looking for buttercups, we can think of a cup full of butter.
  • Mungus: And you can tell which flowers are buttercups because they’re yellow, just like butter. See?
  • Cassie: For cat gloves, how about we think of a cat wearing gloves?
  • Max: Okay, a cup full of butter and a cat wearing gloves.
  • Cassie: Be back soon.
  • Wheezie: Where in the world are we going to find green and brown seashells?
  • Zak: You mean silver and gold seashells.
  • Wheezie: No, I mean green and brown. Or was it green and silver? Was it brown and gold? Hmm?
  • Zak: Oh brother. We better go check with Mungus. He’ll tell us who’s right.
  • Zak: Will you please tell my sister that we’re looking for silver and gold seashells?
  • Wheezie: Please tell my brother that we’re looking for green and brown seashells?!
  • Mungus: I’m sorry, but you’re both wrong. For this recipe, we need pink and yellow seashells.
  • Zak: Hey! That was easy, Wheezie. (Laughs)
  • Ord: Emmy, are you sure Mungus said we needed purple and orange bubbles?
  • Emmy: Hmm.… Well I think that’s what he asked for, but to tell you the truth, I’m not positive.
  • Ord: Me neither.
  • Mungus: Oh no, but those are purple and orange! I can’t use those.
  • Ord: Uh oh! We were afraid of that. So which ones do you need?
  • Mungus: Red and blue.
  • Ord: How will we remember that?
  • Emmy: I know! There are two of us and we need to remember two things.
  • Ord: Okay, I’ll remember blue because I’m a blue dragon with blue scales.
  • Emmy: And I’ll remember red because red is my favorite color.
  • Mungus: Happy birthday, Mommy! We all made this special dessert just for you.
  • Mungus' Mom: Oh, my little baby! A wiggly-jiggly, my favorite!
  • Ord: And I thought my mommy was big!
  • Mungus' Mom: This is the nicest surprise ever.
  • Max: Wanna dance?
  • Emmy: Maybe later. After I finish my snack.
  • Max: [Giggles] I didn’t mean you. I meant your wiggly-jiggly!
  • [Max takes the gelatin and dances with it. Emmy laughs in response.]