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Just For Laughs
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Season: 2
Production code: 20a
Broadcast number: 20a
Written by:
Nancy Neufeld Callaway
Broadcast Information
PBS Kids Premiere:
September 14, 2001
Paired with
"Give Zak A Hand" (2001 Broadcast)
"Flip Flop" (2005 Broadcast)

Just For Laughs is the first segment of the twentieth episode of the second season and the second segment of the twenty-first episode of the third season of Dragon Tales.


The friends team up to search for eggs in the Custard Egg Hunt, but they have their hands full looking after Cassie's siblings Kiki and Finn.





Just For Laughs (transcript)

Memorable Quotes[]

  • Quetzal: Cassie's mama had a doctor's appointment, so she left the children with me for the day.

Home Video release[]



  • TBA

Notes and Trivia[]

  • This episode is kind of an Easter episode because they're having a Custard Egg Hunt which is similar to an Easter Egg Hunt.
  • This episode marks the only appearances of the tickle monsters.
  • For some reason, the tickle monsters forget to tickle Zak, Wheezie, Kiki, and Finn.