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The Legendary Dragon is a one-time character in "To Fly With Dragons." She is a light indigo-blue dragon with purple scales on her head and down her back and a lighter, pinkish purple underside and wings, and the unattached scales she is holding are green; however, her primary color and that of her unattached scales change to a slightly greenish gray when she flies out of Quetzal's storybook.

She never speaks in her only appearance.


According to a legend Quetzal tells from his big storybook, this dragon was lonely and wanted to play with real-life children. To remedy this loneliness and longing, she sprinkled magic dust on any scales that came off and blew them out of Dragon Land for various children to find. Any child who is lucky enough to find one can come to Dragon Land any time he or she wants to, and one of them was found by Emmy, who then introduces herself, Max, and eventually, Enrique, to Dragon Land.