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Dragon Tales - Let's Help Each Other! VHS Cover

Let's Help Each Other! is a Dragon Tales VHS released on January 28th, 2003.


  1. Out With The Garbage
  2. Lights, Camera, Dragons
  3. Don't Bug Me!

Dragon Tunes segments[]

  1. Betcha Can
  2. Touch

Notes and Trivia[]

  • "Out with the Garbage" and "Lights, Camera, Dragons" did air in a row in the same order, but they aren't sharing the same credits on this video, unlike "Treasure Hunt" and "Do Not Pass Gnome" in School Is Cool! (albeit in the opposite order in which they had aired on TV).
  • In fact the Dragon Tunes segment for those latter 2 episodes that did air in a row is Betcha Can, just like how it aired on TV.
  • The closing of this VHS uses the website for Season 1 and the Season 2 funding.
  • This is the final VHS release to contain Season 1 episodes.
  • This is also the final VHS to not have a DVD counterpart.
  • The Season 2 funding is used despite only having Season 1 episodes.