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Dragon Tales - Let's Stick To It! VHS Cover

Let's Stick To It! is a Dragon Tales VHS which contains three episodes from its first season.

Its DVD counterpart is Yes We Can!. Both the VHS and DVD were released on April 2, 2002.


  1. 13a. "Zak and the Beanstalk"
  2. 24a. "Whole Lotta Maracas Goin' On"
  3. 19a. "Up, Up And Away"

Dragon Tunes segments[]

  1. "Stretch"
  2. "Hum"


  • This VHS includes previews for other Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment releases. These include a teaser trailer for Kermit's Swamp Years, a preview for Jay Jay the Jet Plane home videos, a home video preview for The Trumpet of the Swan, and a preview for Bear in the Big Blue House home videos.
    • At the end of the VHS. It uses the Season 2 Funding despite only having Season 1 episodes and songs on this tape.
    • This is the 3rd VHS to have Hum as one of the Dragon Tunes. The first being is Let’s All Share, and the second being is School is Cool.