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Dragon Tales - Let's Work Together! VHS Cover

Let's Work Together! is a Dragon Tales VHS which contains three episodes from its first season.


  1. 5a. "Pigment of Your Imagination"
  2. 23a. "Backwards To Forwards"
  3. 28a. "Sand Castle Hassle"

Dragon Tunes segments[]

  1. "Stretch"
  2. "Pretend"

Notes and Trivia[]

  • The closing of this VHS uses the website for Season 2 and the Season 1 funding.
  • The Dragon Tunes Opening Sequence does not play before the Dragon Tune itself. Instead after the episode, it cuts straight to the song before the next episode without the closing sequence. this also happens in There's Nothing To Fear and Look On The Bright Side.
  • All 3 episodes, as well as the Dragon Tunes on this VHS are available on the DVD Don’t Give Up.