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Lights, Camera, Dragons
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Season: 1
Production code: 37b
Broadcast number: 37b
Written by:
Lane Raichert
Broadcast Information
PBS Kids Premiere:
April 25, 2000
Paired with
"Out With The Garbage"

Lights, Camera, Dragons is the second segment of the thirty-seventh episode of the first season of Dragon Tales.


When Ord loses his pet mouse, Cheddar, Emmy decides to film "The Great Dragon Mouse Mystery" with her video camera. However, she causes Max to get upset when she refuses to let him help her with the video, and suggests that her cast of dragons work through a lunch break after Quetzal convinces Max to help him make a big sandwich, after he gets mad for not being able to help Emmy with the video.


Emmy brings their Dad’s video camera into the playroom and shows it to Max. Max has an idea to make a video with him as a superhero, but Emmy just turns the video camera off, and instead decides that they take it to Dragon Land to make a dragon video.

Once they arrive, they meet up with Ord, who has gained a new friend, a dragon mouse named Cheddar (due to his love of cheese). Emmy declares it to be perfect for her video and starts filming Ord and Cheddar. Max decides that he wants to be in the video too, but Emmy tells him he can’t, as her video is only about dragons, not children. At first, Ord isn’t sure what to do in the video, but Cheddar picks up a scent coming from somewhere and runs away. This gives Emmy an idea to have her video be a mystery genre called ‘The Great Dragon Mouse Mystery.’

The three of them follow Cheddar, who leaps into Zak and Wheezie’s knuckerhole. Zak and Wheezie pop out and Emmy shows them the camera. Ord is still looking for Cheddar and Emmy thinks this calls for detective work. Max is excited to take the role, but once Cassie flies in, Emmy ignores him decides to give Cassie the detective role instead.

Max is starting to get very upset that Emmy won’t let him be in the video. Emmy clarifies that the video is only about dragons, but Max still feels mad and left out. Emmy then says the video could use some sound effects and asks he’d be willing to help. Max decides to give it a try. Emmy then tells him to make silent sounds, but he then realizes that actually means making no sounds at all, which just makes him get even more mad. Just then, the mysterious smell comes back and Cheddar comes out of the knuckerhole to follow it, and the others chase after him.

The scent appears to be coming from the School in the Sky, in which Quetzal is making a sandwich. When the others finally arrive, Cheddar takes Quetzal’s sandwich and runs off with it. Emmy thinks this is great material for her video and thinks it should have some music to go with it. Max asks her if he can help with the music, but once again, Emmy continues to ignore him and gives the job to Zak and Wheezie, as they continue their search.

Max is now really, really mad and tells Emmy, despite her not hearing him, that he doesn’t want to help with her video anymore, as she actually didn’t let him do anything whatsoever. Quetzal tries to make Max feel better by having him help make a new big sandwich, but little does the rest of the gang know that Cheddar is actually in the school with them. Every time Quetzal gets out a certain ingredient, he says the Spanish word for it, and Max translates it.

Meanwhile, Emmy and the others are still searching for Cheddar. Unfortunately, everyone is feeling too hungry to help finish the video and fly back to school to go eat.

The dragons all help Quetzal and Max with the sandwich. Emmy arrives at the school and asks if they want to help finish the video, but everyone says they’ll do it later and would rather eat first. Emmy now feels very disappointed that nobody wants to help with her video anymore, not even Max. Quetzal asks her if she asked Max how he wanted to help. Emmy realizes that she was so focused on making her video, she didn’t even ask him what he wanted to do, nor did she let him help with the video or let him do anything at all. Emmy apologizes to Max and tells him she can be in a new video, ‘Max and the Giant Sandwich’. But once they start filming, Cheddar pops out of the sandwich, revealing he had been there the whole time, shocking the dragons.

Once the kids arrive back in the playroom, Emmy is about to give Dad back the camera. But before she does, Max has an idea for a new video, titled ‘The Tickle Monster that Attacked Emmy’, in which he starts tickling her nonstop.



Lights, Camera, Dragons (transcript)

Memorable Quotes[]

  • Max: Hey! How can I make silent sounds?! That’s no sound!! (growls)

Home Video release[]



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Notes and Trivia[]

  • Morals:
    • It’s not fair to leave someone out of doing something fun. Find a way for everyone to be included.
    • If someone wants to help you out, ask them what they would like to do. Don't leave them out or it might make them feel bad.
  • Max’s angry growl is the same one used in both Roller Coaster Dragon and Sounds Like Trouble.
  • Zak and Wheezie played the same song from A Smashing Success.