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This is a transcript of the Dragon Tales episode "Lights, Camera, Dragons" from season one, which aired on April 25, 2000.


  • Max: What kind of dragon sounds do you want me to make, Emmy?
  • Emmy: Shhh…..[whispers] Right now, they’re all looking silently, so make silent sounds.
  • Max: [Whispers] Okay. [Then realizes angrily] Hey! How can I make silent sounds?! That’s no sound!! [Growls]
  • Quetzal: Hola, ratón. ¿Cómo estás?
  • [Cheddar points towards the sandwich.]
  • Quetzal: Hungry, eh?
  • Ord: Cheddar!!!
  • Quetzal: No. It’s tuna fish.
  • Max: I don’t want to help you make your dragon video anymore!! [Humphs] She never lets me do anything I want to do!
  • Quetzal: How do you like to help me make another sandwich, Max?
  • Max: Anything would be better than doing nothing on Emmy’s stupid video!
  • Quetzal: Okay then. I hope you have a big appetite, because we’re going to make one monster of a sandwich!
  • Quetzal: Jamón.
  • Max: Ham!
  • Quetzal: Tomate.
  • Max: Tomato!
  • Quetzal: Mostaza.
  • Max: Mustard! [Laughs]
  • Max: More cheese!
  • Ord: I like olives!
  • Zak: No jalapeños, please.
  • Emmy: No one wants to help me anymore. Not even Max.
  • Quetzal: Really? Did you ask Max how he wanted to help?
  • Emmy: Well, I told him I wanted him to……. I mean…. I said I’d let him……..[realizing] Oh, I guess I didn’t really think about what he wanted, did I?
  • Max: Thanks for letting me be in your video, Emmy.
  • Emmy: No problem, Maxito. Guess I better give the camera back to Dad.
  • Max: Wait! I have a great idea for another video.
  • [Emmy turns the camera back on and points it towards Max.]
  • Max: It’s called [in a deep voice] ‘The Tickle Monster that Attacked Emmy’! Rawr!!!
  • [Max runs towards Emmy and tickles her.]
  • Emmy: Ah!!! Max!!! No!!! [Laughs]
  • [Max continues tickling her as the camera shuts off, and the screen fades to black ending the episode.]