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Lily the baby flower


Lily is a flower who only appeared in the Season 2 episode, "Green Thumbs".


Max and Emmy and their dragon friends meet her after she was uprooted and washed into the creek thanks to the heavy rain. Since then, she had been separated from her parents whom she misses so much that she feels very sad and begins to cry. Ord promises to bring her home to her family and Cassie decides to use a a beach bucket and shovel to put dirt inside it, allowing Max and Emmy to put Lily in it.

When Lily becomes droopy, Ord suggests that she needs a nap, so Zak and Wheezie decide to sing her a lullaby to get her to sleep. Unfortunately, she remains awake and still feels droopy. Ord goes to the creek for a drink of water, but accidentally splashes some water onto Lily.

When the gang decides to have a snack, Ord eats several sandwiches and gives more water to Lily, but she feels a little bit uncomfortable and her leaves are turning yellow as the rest of the gang gives her even more water, until it spills from the bucket and her leaves turn completely yellow. They later find out she's feeling sick. After finding out that Ord's also sick from eating too much, Cassie figures out that they had been giving her too much water, so she goes down to the creek to pour the excess water and plants dry dirt in the bucket to soak up the extra. Soon, Lily starts feeling so much better, her dry yellow leaves begin to fall off, and new green leaves start to grow. The gang apologizes to her, and she forgives them.

As they continue their journey to find her family, Lily sings a happy tune and loses two of her petals, and Max finds two other petals that look like hers. When Lily finally gets reunited with her parents, she's so happy to see them again. After Max and Ord plant her back into the ground between her parents, they sing a lovely song.


Season 2[]


  • She is distinguished as a baby flower with her four leaves, eight petals and a yellow curl above her head.