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  • To Fly With Dragons
    • Reason: He and the rest of the gang hadn't found his lost baby tooth.
      • Note: It turned out Max had it all along, but unaware that it was even a tooth at all, he had mistaken it for a rock,
  • The Forest of Darkness
    • Reason: He was too scared to enter the Forest of Darkness due to it being dark.
      • Note: This also marks the first time he turned invisible.
  • Goodbye Little Caterpoozle
    • Reason: He was among those grieving for Poozy.
      • Note: He and the rest of the gang were unaware that it was not true that Poozy died.
  • Snow Dragons
    • Reason: He and Max were lost.
  • No Hitter
    • Reason: Max kicked his tail.
  • Wild Time
    • Reason: Max accidentally broke his dragon scale model.
  • Don't Bug Me!
    • Reason: Max scared him with a toy spider, making him believe it was real, and he is afraid of bugs.
  • Big Funky Cloud
    • Reason: He lost his blanket into the "Lost Forever" tunnel.
  • Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
    • Reason for the First Time: Max stepped on his foot.
    • Reason for the Second Time: After Zak split his and Max's project, it no longer worked, so Ord had nothing to show his mom.
  • The Balancing Act
    • Reason: He was worried about spilling his cookies and milk on Mr. Dustfree's floor and making him mad.


  • Goodbye Little Caterpoozle
    • Reason: She thought her pet caterpoozle died.
      • Note: It turned out not to be true, just a conclusion that was jumped to.
  • Emmy's Dream House
    • Reason: Emmy made her (Cassie's) bookshelf to suit herself.
      • Note 1: Her mouth wasn't shown moving, nor were tears shown falling.
      • Note 2: While this is really the second time she shrank (the first being "The Talent Pool"), it is the first time she was crying at the same time.
  • A Smashing Success
    • Reason: Wheezie blamed her for breaking her trumpet.
      • Note: It was Emmy who broke it, but she talked Cassie into clearing Zak's name, but not letting it be known that she did it.
  • Cassie Loves A Parade
    • Reason: She didn't get picked for the book float at the School in the Sky parade.
      • Note: She shrank from that.
  • Bully For You
    • Reason: Spike was mean to her.
      • Note: This happened twice: first with words (namely, telling her she didn't know anything), causing her to shrink that time, and then actions (taking her full basket of sugar plums).
  • Cassie, The Green-Eyed Dragon
    • Reason: Finn (accidentally) fell on and broke her model castle for the diorama.


  • Quibbling Siblings
    • Reason: Wheezie scared away the Jugglebug they were trying to find for Show-and-Tell.


  • Quibbling Siblings
    • Reason: Zak was putting on the alone cone.
      • Note: No tears were shown.
  • Out With The Garbage
    • Reason: She really missed the garbage she treasured, which Zak had thrown away earlier.
  • Wheezie's Last Laugh
    • Reason: Her laugh was gone.
  • Moving On
    • Reason: Wheezie was, for some reason, sad about Sophie leaving already, and therefore agreed to do something fun just to make herself feel better.
      • Note: No tears were shown this time either, and it was only brief.


  • No Hitter
    • Reason: Max punched her in the arm.


  • Snow Dragons
    • Reason: He and Ord were lost.
  • One Big Wish
    • Reason: He was really tired of being too big.
      • Note: Due to his size, Ord pulls out an umbrella to shield himself from his tears.
  • Cassie (Song)
    • Reason: He accidentally falls off a log and hurts his arm.


  • Feliz Cumpleaños, Enrique
    • Reason: He really missed the birthday parties he used to have back when he lived in Colombia.
      • Note: As he mentions, he had been told that big boys don't cry no matter what because it isn't "macho," but Quetzal assured him that there was no shame, and that it can help let the sadness out, thus encouraging him to cry anyway.


  • Just Desserts
    • Reason: The gang had bounced on his jiggly dessert that he had made as a birthday treat for his mother.



  • Baby Troubles
    • Reason: Besides being a baby, she had no squishy to sleep with after Ord accidentally squished hers.





  • Head Over Heels
    • Reason: Aside from being defeated by the gang (namely because Emmy had to have help), the reason for the cartwheeling rule was because he had never learned how.