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Nearly every episode of Dragon Tales features characters learning important lessons at the end. Here is a list of morals they learn throughout the seasons:

Season 1[]

  • To Fly With Dragons - Max and Emmy learn to discover new places after traveling to Dragon Land for the first time.
  • The Forest of Darkness - Ord learns not to be scared in the place called Forest of Darkness.
  • To Kingdom Come - Ord learns that sharing isn't always easy. But when you try at it, wonderful things happen and it makes everyone happy.
  • Goodbye Little Caterpoozle - Two morals:
    • Don't jump right to conclusions about something.
    • Cassie learns that many things change in life.
  • Knot a Problem - Max learns that tying knots takes practice, so he didn't give up. Keep trying and you’ll get it right.
  • Ord's Unhappy Birthday - Ord learns that just because his friends are busy, he shouldn’t assume they don’t like him anymore.
  • Tails You Lose - Two morals:
    • Emmy learns that it's not okay to be upset and pout about losing.
    • Winning is fun, but it's not the most important part of a game; what's more important is having fun. Emmy learns it's not that you win or lose, it's how you play the game.
  • Calling Dr. Zak - Zak learns to overcome his fear of going to the doctor.
  • Snow Dragons - Ord and Max get lost in the snow and discover that the best thing to do is remain calm so you can figure things out.
  • The Fury Is Out On This One - Max learns that it’s okay to get mad sometimes, but that you shouldn’t stay mad. But when you do get mad, there are ways to calm yourself down so you don’t feel mad anymore.
  • Emmy's Dream House - Emmy learns to listen to others' ideas.
  • Dragon Sails - Ord learns when it can pay off to be big.
  • The Giant of Nod - Zak and Wheezie learn to take turns.
  • The Big Sleepover - Cassie learns how to have fun at a sleepover.
  • A Kite For Quetzal - The gang learns the importance of planning ahead and assigning everyone a task so that things go smoothly.
  • Follow The Dots - The gang learns both how to count and to play connect the dots.
  • A Smashing Success - Emmy learns that it’s best to be honest after she breaks Wheezie’s trumpet. Even if that person may get upset at first, they will understand.
  • Dragon Drop - Zak and Wheezie learn from Emmy how to catch a ball.
  • Cassie Loves A Parade - Cassie and debutant Cosmo both learn how to get over feeling left out, and how to make things better for themselves.
  • Quibbling Siblings - Wheezie learns to be mindful of how her actions can affect Zak's feelings. Both of them and Emmy and Max both learn how to solve any problems with each other.
  • Wheezie's Hairball - The gang learns how to properly care for pets.
  • Blowin' In The Wind - Debutant Windy learns how to whistle.
  • No Hitter - Max learns that it’s not okay to hit somebody when you get angry, because they can get hurt. Instead of hitting, it’s better to use your words to say why you’re upset. Even if using words doesn't make things go your way, hitting anyone is still not the answer. He also learns a way to get his hits out of his system without hurting anyone: by hitting something that is not alive (and cannot be broken from it).
  • Get Offa My Cloud - Max gets discouraged that he can’t do anything right, but soon learns that if he puts his mind to it, he can do great things to help out.
  • The Big Cake Mix-Up - Similar to "A Kite for Quetzal," the gang assigns each other a certain task and learn about doing things step by step.
  • Ord Sees The Light - Ord learns to get over his fear of the dark again.
  • The Ugly Dragling - Debutant Priscilla learns that being different is not bad.
  • Eggs Over Easy - Cassie learns to speak up when she suspects something wrong, even if it is possible that she may be wrong.
  • A Liking To Biking - Ord learns how to ride a bike.
  • Follow The Leader - Emmy gets a taste of her own medicine when Pooky makes her games too big and hard for her. Knowing how Max feels, Emmy learns how to change up games so that everyone can play.
  • Wild Time - Max learns that there are times to be silly and goof around, but there are also times to get serious and work.
  • Out With The Garbage - Emmy and Zak both learn that just because something looks like garbage, not to just throw it away; it might be special to someone else anyway (in the case of Max and Wheezie, respectively).
  • Lights, Camera, Dragons - Emmy learns making someone feel left out isn’t fair. When you don’t let someone help or leave them out of an activity, it can make them feel bored and upset.
  • Much Ado About Nodlings - Max learns that playing is okay, but you do have to be mindful of what you’re doing, otherwise you might cause problems for someone else.
  • Don't Bug Me! - Max is made to understand that everyone has a fear of something (no matter how big or old they are), so you shouldn’t tease someone because of it.
  • Over And Over - Max learns how to swing from bar to bar on monkey bars.

Season 2[]

  • Lucky Stone - Ord learns that lucky charms are not needed to do a good job at anything, only confidence and self-belief.
  • The Mefirst Wizard - The whole gang learns how to take turns instead of trying to be first.
  • Cassie Catches Up - Cassie learns that she doesn't have to win everything.
  • Very Berry - Ord learns not to eat too much.
  • Finders Keepers - Wheezie learns how to retrace her steps in finding lost things such as the aquarium tickets she bought. The whole gang also learns that it is easier to find things in a tidy room than a messy one.
  • Remember The Pillow Fort - Ord and Max learn not to let any argument or fight get in the way of their friendship, such as by remembering past good times.
  • Big Funky Cloud - Ord learns how to get over his sadness.
  • Copy Cat - Emmy learns that it’s best to let Max be himself instead of forcing him to do things her way.
  • One Big Wish - Two morals:
    • Max discovers that size doesn't matter, and being bigger isn’t always better. Being big might seem fun at first, but there is such a thing as being too big.
    • Not only that, he learns to be careful what he wishes for, because it might come true, and if it does, it may not work out as well as hoped.
  • Breaking Up Is Hard To Do - Both Ord and Max learn how to take turns and not to fight over something they both want, even if it is a project they both worked on together.
  • Cassie, The Green-Eyed Dragon - Cassie learns how not to be jealous when her brother Finn gets all the attention. Jealousy is a natural feeling and it doesn’t stop you from loving someone. Even if your little siblings may get more attention sometimes, they look up to you and keep you company.
  • Something's Missing - Max learns how to have fun with Emmy being absent, and how he can show how things went with her away.
  • Knuck Knuck, Who's Where? - Cassie and Emmy learn how to remember things they passed so they don’t get lost.
  • Just Desserts - The gang learns how to remember certain parts of certain tasks (for example, Max and Cassie learn a way to think of compound words for flowers, namely, buttercups and catgloves).
  • Room For Change - Cassie learns how to adjust to a new room.
  • Try It You'll Like It - Zak learns to try new things at the Dragon Land park.
  • Dragon Scouts - Emmy learns how to fit in with a group that she is introduced to, even without Cassie.

Season 3[]

  • To Fly With A New Friend - Enrique learns how to make friends.
  • Rise And Bloom - Max learns how to stay awake when he is supposed to be up.
  • Super Snow Day - Enrique learns how to get used to snow and winter activities.
  • Musical Scales - Zak, Wheezie, and Enrique learn not to let any embarrassing things stop them from achieving their goals.
  • Feliz Cumpleaños, Enrique - Enrique learns that there is no shame in crying to let your sadness go away, even if you are a big boy, and even if someone says that big boys do not cry.
  • Hello, Ms. Tipps - Lorca learns to accept change.
  • The Big Race - Enrique learns to let someone else who wants to help do so, as it not only makes the work go faster, but makes the other person (or dragon) feel appreciated.
  • Making It Fun - The gang learns how to make a hard job more fun.
  • Express Yourself - Cassie learns how to explain how to (kindly) use her words to explain to someone when she doesn't like what someone else says or does, even if they are not trying to be mean in doing so.
  • Moving On - Cassie learns how to still be close to her older sister Sophie even when she is not around anymore.
  • Hand in Hand - Max and Emmy learn to listen to each other's ideas, and Enrique learns to be careful what he wishes on anyone else.
  • El Dia del Maestro - Cassie and Enrique learn teaching skills.