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Lorca (voiced by Lenore Zann) is a salmon pink dragon with fangs, a wheelchair, and claws. He was born without wings, and is paralyzed from the waist down, so he relies on his arm muscles to get around. Lorca is a wise yet somewhat quiet dragon, who sees the best in others.

Physical Appearance[]

Lorca has salmon pink scales. His scales are a darker pink. He is also the only dragon in the show not to have wings. He doesn't have any horns on his head either. Lorca's wheelchair has a green seat and handles. His Dragon Badge is in the shape of a yellow diamond.


Lorca is much, much quieter compared to his other friends. However, he is quite smart. Lorca tries to make the best out of bad situations and find the best solutions to problems. Despite his incapabilities, Lorca almost always finds a way around challenges. When his friends feel down, Lorca is able to re-assure them that everything is going to be okay and helps them to gain back motivation, like when he told Emmy that the things Buster and Mooky were teasing her about were not true, and that she should ignore them so they wouldn't continue. This was in the episode "Teasing Is Not Pleasing."


It was mentioned in Lorca's debut that he was born paraplegic, meaning his legs don't work. He has at least a mother, a father, and an uncle, but besides the uncle's name being unknown, so are the means of this relation.


Season 2[]

Season 3[]

Dragon Tunes[]


  • In "Make No Mistake", he makes a cameo appearance in the audience watching "Paint Your Dragon."
  • His birthday lands on January 17, as confirmed by a 2005 Dragon Tales calendar, images of it can be found on Flickr.
  • Lorca only appears to have a tail when he is out of his wheelchair (e.g. swinging on vines over a patch of baby twinkledaisies).
  • His dragon badge is never shown glowing, not even on the day he accepts a change in the school schedule.