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This is a transcript of the Dragon Tales episode "Lucky Stone" from season two, which aired on June 4, 2001.


  • [The kids are in the playroom where Max is holding a paper airplane.]
  • Max: Pilot to copilot. Ready for takeoff.
  • Emmy: Ready, captain Max.
  • [Back on shore, Max is chasing after Ord when something washes up by Max’s feet. He picks it up.]
  • Max: What’s this? Smooth and shiny, red, shaped like a heart and it fits in your hand! Ord, I found it! I found your lucky stone! Now you can fly!
  • Max: Watch me fly!
  • [Max takes the paper airplane and then rolls onto the floor.]
  • Emmy: Max, what are you doing?
  • Max: 3 loop-de-loops, 4 aerial zig-zags and a round spring backhand off.
  • [Emmy laughs as the episode ends.]