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Luna and Sparkle are two dragons from the episode "Cassie Loves A Parade".

They both share the same article because it is revealed that they are likely very good friends with each other. It is also revealed that Luna is the magenta dragon with the periwinkle scales and Sparkle is the yellow-orange one with the olive-green scales.

It is unknown who does their voices.

Physical Appearances[]

They are both seen being cheerful in Cassie Loves A Parade, after Quetzal picks them to ride on the float during the parade, much to Cassie's sadness. Luna also makes cameo appearances in I Believe In Me, when she cheers after taking the role of the Queen, and in Hands Together, greeting the gang before the talent show begins.


In the episode "Cassie Loves A Parade", Quetzal picks them for the float of a parade, much to Cassie's sorrow.


Season 1[]

Season 2


  • Luna is the only one of the two dragons from the couple who also appears in "I Believe In Me" and "Hands Together". Sparkle does not appear in any further episodes after "Cassie Loves A Parade".