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This is a transcript of the Dragon Tales episode "Make No Mistake" from season two which aired on September 17, 2002.


  • [The episode starts in the playroom where Max is standing in front of a mirror, pretending to bow to an audience. An applause sound is heard in the background.]
  • Max: Thank you! Thank you! You’re too kind.
  • [Max continues as Emmy gets annoyed and comes over to turn off the CD player.]
  • Max: Why’d you turn off my clapping CD, Emmy?
  • Emmy: Because you’ve been listening to it all morning. And besides, it’s time to go to Dragon Land!
  • Max: Yeah! For the giant, huge, unbelievably big show!!
  • Emmy: [Giggles] It’s just a show for our dragon friends, Max! It’s not that big a deal.
  • Max: It is to me. I have the biggest part!
  • Emmy and Max: I wish, I wish, with all my heart, to fly with Dragons, in a land apart.
  • Max: It’s okay to make a mistake in rehearsal, but I don’t want to, because if I don’t make a mistake, then I know I’ll do it right in the real play! Don’t make a mistake. Don’t make a mistake.
  • Cassie: What’s wrong, Max?
  • Max: I forgot my lines, then I made a mistake.
  • Cassie: It’s okay! No one even noticed.
  • Max: It doesn’t matter. Messing up in rehearsal means I’ll mess it up in the real play, in front of a whole, big, huge, real audience!
  • Emmy: What are you doing up there, Max?! It’s almost showtime!
  • Max: Well I’m not going to be in the show! All those dragons staring……..I’ll make a mistake and feel embarrassed for sure!
  • Ord: Gee, Max! Making a mistake isn’t so bad. I make them all the time. They can even be funny!
  • Max: Funny? How?
  • Ord: Last week I was fixing a peanut butter and dragon berry jelly sandwich, except I got mixed up, and instead of jelly, I used ketchup by mistake!
  • [Everyone starts laughing and Max starts to smile a little bit.]
  • Ord: See what I mean?!
  • Max: Well, maybe that kind of mistake is funny, but being in front of a big crowd and have them all point and laugh, that’s not funny.
  • Zak: Nobody’s gonna laugh, Max. And you know why? Because everybody makes mistakes sometimes!
  • Max: There’s so many of them!
  • Quetzal: Max! Max! Calm down!! If it is making a mistake that worries you, then perhaps I can help.
  • Max: How?
  • Quetzal: I will be right here on the side of the stage the whole time. If you lose your place and forget what you are supposed to say, look over and I will whisper the correct line to you. Would that make you feel less nervous?
  • Max: But what if the audience sees me looking over?! They’ll know I made a mistake!!
  • Cassie: Quetzal, aren’t those supposed to be the Blue Rock Mountains?
  • Quetzal: Yes, Cassie. Don’t they look like mountains?
  • Cassie: Yes, but they’re red. Aren’t the Blue Rock Mountains supposed to be blue?!
  • Quetzal: [Chuckles] You are absolutely right!! I painted them the wrong color by mistake!! [Chuckles again] Oh, well. I suppose they are now the Red Rock Mountains.
  • Max: Whoa!! Quetzal made a mistake! But he’s acting like it’s no big deal.
  • Emmy: Because it isn’t, Max.
  • Max: I have a magic paint brush!
  • [Max begins to feel shameful again]
  • Ord: You do? Well that would be just [notices a dragon in the audience eating a cookie] cookie. Uh.…I mean, that would be just great! [Giggles] Oops!
  • Max: They didn’t even notice your mistake, and it was bigger than my mistake!!
  • Ord: Yep! Everything I do is bigger.
  • Emmy: What a great day! Being on stage was fun!!
  • Max: Yeah! And having all those people clap for us!
  • [With that being said, Max takes the CD player and goes over to the mirror to do the same thing he did at the beginning. Emmy goes over to the window and sighs feeling annoyed and stressed.]
  • Max: Thank you! Thank you!
  • Emmy: Oh, no! No, no, no. Not again!
  • [The screen then fades to black ending the episode.]