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Emmy (older sister)
Unnamed Mother (She doesn't appear in the show)
Unnamed Father (He doesn't appear in the show)
Unnamed Grandmother
Uncle Roberto (mentioned in Goodbye Little Caterpoozle, My Way Or Snow Way, Frog Prints, and Bye Bye Baby Birdie)
Aunt Carmen (mentioned in Hands Together)
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Max (voiced by Danny McKinnon) is Emmy's independent 4-year-old younger brother and the main protagonist of Dragon Tales.

Physical Appearance[]

Max has short black hair and he usually wears a green short sleeved t-shirt with yellow around the hem of the sleeves and the neck hole with greyish-brown pants with a brown belt and a pair of white and dark golden sneakers with white soles, designed with both a white dot and white stripe on each side.

In "To Kingdom Come", "Zak Takes A Dive", and "Something's Missing", he wears green, gray, and pink swim trunks.

In "Zak's Song", "The Big Sleepover", and "Rise And Bloom", he wears a blue button-up blanket sleeper (footie pajamas) as sleepwear. However, at the end of "Dragon Sails," his pajamas are in two pieces (similar to Emmy’s) and the pants don’t cover his feet, but still maintain the same color blue.

In "A Crown For Princess Kidoodle", he wears a light blue tuxedo jacket with a matching bowtie with his usual pants and sneakers.

In “Snow Dragons”, “Up, Up And Away”, “A Snowman for All Seasons”, “On Thin Ice”, “The Grudge Won’t Budge”, and “Super Snow Day,” his winter outfit consists of a blue puffer jacket with orange mittens and a yellow scarf. He also has an orange hat with a blue rim and a yellow pompom along with yellow snow pants and black boots with gray soles and orange on the rims.

In "Cowboy Max," his charro outfit consists of a light beige cowboy hat, a maroon vest over his shirt, a brown belt, charcoal chaps over his pants and brown cowboy boots.

In "Tails You Lose", he changes his name to Ord in the beginning, but in the middle, he changes it back to Max.


Max is a bundle of energy with a big smile and is prone to sudden bouts of silliness. He also loves his big sister Emmy, whom he however has arguments with sometimes, especially when Emmy doesn’t listen to him or makes things ‘too hard’ for him. Regardless, the two still get along, despite their differences. When it comes to his big sister, he’s her biggest fan and she's often the one he looks to for approval. Despite being the smallest and youngest of the group, Max is determined to keep up with the bigger children. However, his small size doesn’t always allow him to succeed in all of his adventures, but he doesn’t let it stop him. He is also sometimes prone to lose his temper very quickly and is known for saying, "It's not fair!" whenever he gets upset or angry. He also dislikes being too little for things and sometimes wants to be bigger, hence his catchphrase "I’m big!" He ends up getting his wish in "One Big Wish", but even though he initially likes being bigger, he ends up regretting it and is glad to be little after he returns to normal.

He also knows some Spanish, but he isn't very fluent in it like Quetzal and Enrique are (nor does he know as many Spanish words as Emmy does, although she isn't very fluent either), so he doesn't speak it way too well. Due to his young age, he can also sometimes mispronounce/misinterpret certain words, such as calling a Juggle Bug a ‘Juggie Buggie’ or referring to a detective kit as a ‘defective’ kit.




Season 1[]

Season 2[]

Season 3[]


  • Pizza
  • Pan Dulce (aka sweet rolls)
  • Ice cream
  • The color purple
  • Being with Emmy
  • Going first in a certain activity
  • Flying with Ord
  • Being big (initially; he later begins to hate it as he gets bigger and bigger)


  • Snakes
  • High altitudes
  • Falling down
  • Getting splashed
  • Not being invited to birthday parties (such as that of his friend Brian's birthday party), as shown in "The Sorrow And The Party"
  • Being told what to do and what not to do, especially by Emmy
  • Being too little for things
  • Upsetting Emmy
  • Being patient and having to wait
  • Going last in a certain activity
  • Emmy being too busy to play with him
  • Going to Dragon Land without Emmy (occasionally)
  • Tying knots (formerly)


  • Max has been briefly seen wearing a belt with his pants in episodes like Quibbling Siblings, The Ugly Dragling, and All Together Now. Though since it’s almost always covered by his shirt, it can be easy to miss.
  • Max has an outie belly button, as shown in "The Ugly Dragling."
  • It’s unknown what his full name is, as ‘Max’ is a shortened version of either Maximillian or Maxwell. However, he is often called Maxito (mainly by Quetzal) with -ito being a Spanish diminutive suffix, which means the suffix describes something/someone small (in an affectionate manner).
  • Max occasionally has arguments with Emmy, making them get mad at each other.
  • Max flies on Ord, and seldom flies on Cassie.
    • One instance where Max does fly with Cassie is in the episode "Just Desserts," in which Emmy also flies with Ord.
  • According to "Something's Missing," Max is illiterate, which means that he can't read or write.
  • It is revealed in "Don't Bug Me!" that he has ophidiophobia (fear of snakes).
  • Along with his sister Emmy, he is also present in every episode in Dragon Tales. However, he is the only character to appear in Dragon Land in every episode, since he does go to Dragon Land without Emmy in My Emmy or Bust and Something's Missing.
  • In the Arabic dubbing, Max is voiced by a grown man, Abdo Hakim/عبدو حكيم.
  • Max has had antagonist roles at least three times in the series. The first time being "The Fury Is Out On This One," when he gets very frustrated and throws a pod whipping it at a tree, releasing a magical creature called The Fury, which would grow bigger every time someone couldn't calm down. The second time being "No Hitter," when he expresses his feelings in the wrong way by punching Emmy in the arm and then kicking Ord in the tail after not getting his way during the dragon kickball game, and the third and last time being "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do," by accidentally stepping on one of Ord's toes and then running after Ord to continue fighting over the school project they worked on over who takes it home first, since they both want to take it home at the same time.
  • Max is the only human to become a Giant, as shown in "One Big Wish" when he makes a wish on Willie the Wishing Well to be bigger, but because he didn't specify a size limit, he keeps continuously growing bigger... and bigger... and bigger... and bigger... and BIGGER! Since he wasn't specific about how big he wanted to be, it is unknown if there is a limit to how big Max would have gotten. This means that if he didn't wish to return back to his normal size, Max would have kept on growing indefinitely without ever stopping and become the biggest giant to ever exist.
  • Max changes size twice over the course of the series, the first time being in "Small Time", when he and Emmy shrank down to ant size after being exposed to the Shrinking Violets, and the second time in "One Big Wish" when he makes a wish on Willie the Wishing Well to be bigger and as a result he gets bigger and bigger.
  • Max is upset about being short several times in the series, the first time being in "A Tall Tale", the second time being in the beginning of "Small Time", the third time being in "One Big Wish", and the fourth time being in "A Small Victory".
  • Max has cried twice in the series, the first time being in "Snow Dragons" when he and Ord got lost, and the second time being in "One Big Wish" when he was tired of being too big.
  • Throughout the series, his sneakers have often changed design slightly depending on the episode, but still maintain the same colors, stripe and dot.
    • In addition, there are times where his eyebrows switch between being thick and thin, though they mostly appear thick during closeup shots.