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This is a transcript of the Dragon Tales episode "Max And The Magic Carpet" from season one which aired on April 17, 2000.


  • Cassie: Ord, aren’t you gonna eat?
  • Ord: [depressed] I’m not hungry anymore.
  • Both: [Shocked] Not hungry?
  • Cassie: Are you sick or something?
  • Max: Where are you going, Ord?
  • Ord: Home.
  • Max: Home? How come?
  • Ord: Because this is the worst day of my whole life.
  • Max: It is? Why?
  • Ord: I planned this whole picnic so you and I could play together, but all you want to do is play with that old rug.
  • Max: I’m sorry, Ord. The magic carpet is just a fun toy, but you’re my very best friend ever.
  • Ord: I am?
  • Max: Uh huh.
  • Ord: You’re my best friend ever, too.
  • Emmy and Max: I wish, I wish, to use this rhyme, to go back home, until next time.
  • Max and Emmy's Dad: Kids! Time to go to the park!