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Mefirst the Wizard

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Mefirst also known as Mefirst the Wizard is a two-headed wizard in Dragon Land and the main antagonist of the episode "The Mefirst Wizard." Mefirst's two heads split their sentences (E.G. One head says, "Thanks for..." and the other says, "... inviting us...", "...to play."). He is voiced by Ian James Corlett (red hat) and Scott McNeil (green hat) respectively.

Physical Appearance[]

Mefirst is, as said before, a two-headed wizard with white skin like Max and Emmy, and both heads have orange hair, eyebrows, and full beards (indicating they are redheaded). The right head has a red hat, and the left head has a green hat. Together, they wear a purple robe with a green right cuff and a red left cuff, a necklace with a moon charm on it, purplish-white gloves, and light indigo shoes.


He is a selfish wizard who always goes first, cuts anybody in line, does things continuously, refuses to give someone else his or her turn, and never stops taking all of the turns in something.


Mefirst comes out of his pond and plays in the gang's obstacle course, when the friends each demand to get their turn first. He plays in their obstacle course continuously. The gang has to say a chant, "Mefirst, Mefirst, go away. That's not the way friends play!," but each member says two of the words of the chant to stop him and send him back into his pond. He always comes out of his pond and goes back in via waterspout.


Season 2[]


  • Ironically, even though, as Quetzal mentioned, Mefirst doesn't know how to take turns, both his heads do indeed take turns when they talk.