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Monsieur Marmadune (voiced by Cusse Mankuma) is a light blue dragon who lives within Kingdom Come in Dragon Land. He is also arguably the main antagonist in the episode "To Kingdom Come".

Physical Appearance[]

Monsieur Marmadune is a short light blue dragon who has long smooth black hair with a red ribbon in it, he also sports a black suit jacket, a white shirt, and a red bowtie.






Season 1[]

Season 3[]

Dragon Tunes[]


  • At one point, Monsieur Marmadune says that his key was made by his mother, just as Ord's dragonberry cupcake had been made by his mother. It is unknown if Monsieur Marmadune was actually telling the truth (since keys cannot be made easily by people in reality), or if he was just trying to be sarcastic just to get back at Ord, since he refused to share his dragonberry cupcake with Monsieur Marmadune.