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Moving On
Season: 3
Production code: 16a
Broadcast number: 16a
Written by:
Don Gillies
Broadcast Information
PBS Kids Premiere:
March 15, 2005
Paired with
"Head Over Heels" (2005 Broadcast)

Moving On is the sixteenth episode of the third season of Dragon Tales.


Cassie's older sister Sophie is going away to a cooking school. Meanwhile, Cassie learns how to still be close, and teaches the rest of the gang how to make some of her sweet rice pudding with gooberry sauce.





Moving On (transcript)

Memorable Quotes[]

  • Sophie: You have to measure the ingredients just right, or who knows what might happen.
  • Cassie: You want come up? I want to be with Sophie right now, but I'll play with you later, okay, Kiki?
  • Sophie: Now for the best part—the gooberries.
  • Enrique: I have never seen such a long table before.
  • Cassie: You need a big table when you have 72 brothers and sisters?
  • Enrique: 72? ¡Una familia muy grande! ("A very big family!" in Spanish.) That's the biggest family I ever heard of!
  • Enrique: Mm-mm. It tastes a little like arroz con leche (Literally "rice with milk" in Spanish). Rice pudding. It's my favorite.
  • Grumbly Bee: Mmm, sweet rice pudding. Num-num-num. Gooberry sauce. Nom-nom! [Sophie closes the window due to the cold air blowing in.] Aww!
  • Enrique: "Naranja Dulce."
  • Cassie: What does that mean, Enrique?
  • Enrique: It means "sweet orange." It's a good-bye song we sing in Colombia.
  • Enrique: ♪Naranja dulce, a slice of lemon dear♪ / ♪If I could hug you, if I could have you near,♪ / ♪Time to shake hands now, a hug farewell♪ / ♪Adios, amiga, I wish you well.♪
  • Sophie: You'll all watch out for my little sister?
  • Cassie: I miss Sophie already.
  • Emmy: You know what? We should all go do something fun.
  • Wheezie: Yeah. Fun sounds like fun right now. (sniffles)
  • Cassie: These are elves' caps flowers. They're Sophie's favorite kind. Seeing them makes me miss her even more.
  • Cassie: It's those rocks. They look just like Sophie.
  • Max: I can't believe we went through all that mixing...
  • Zak: ... and cleaning...
  • Max: ... just for one bowl of pudding!
  • Grumbly Bee: No more rice pudding?
  • Cassie: Come on, Grumbly Bee. We'll go back to my cave and make some more.
  • Emmy: Okay. Let's see who wins the next game.
  • Enrique: Not me, amigos. My dad can help me send emails to some of my friends in Colombia. I can't wait to tell them about arroz con leche with gooberry sauce.

Home Video release[]



  • It is mentioned that the milk used in Sophie's sweet rice pudding recipe was dandelion milk, yet Ord doesn't have any allergic reactions from it.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • The opening scene of this episode can be seen on a television featured in the 2006 Sony movie "Click" starring Adam Sandler.
  • While teaching Cassie how to make sweet rice pudding, Sophie hums "Shake Your Dragon Tail."
  • This is the second episode whose plot contradicts Ord's dandelion allergies, the first being "Play It And Say It." In the case of this episode, it's because the milk used in the sweet rice pudding is made from dandelions, flowers that normally make Ord sneeze, and yet he doesn't get any allergic reactions of any kind.