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Mungus' Mom is a character who only appeared in "Just Desserts" in person and was mentioned in "Dragonberry Drought" in her absence. She is the mother of Mungus and the guest of honor for a birthday celebration in "Just Desserts". She spends most of the events of the episode away at work, but it is never clear what she does for a living. Like most of the mothers who are seen at all, she is never shown from the neck up. The part we do see shows her in a mauve dress with a darker hem and thistle-pink sleeves and puce sandals. Her favorite dessert is a wiggly-jiggly.


Throughout the episode, Max, Emmy, and their dragon friends have gathered unusual ingredients for this dessert and helped Mungus mix them up. Once Mungus is finished and has it set on a giant plate, he hears her arrival and has them hide to surprise her. When she finally arrives, Mungus and his friends surprise her, and Mungus wishes her a happy birthday. She is surprised and pleased about it. Then it is Ord's turn to be surprised, as he thought his mother was big.

Unlike her son, who only has four fingers on each hand (including a thumb), she has five on each hand like an ordinary human (again, including a thumb).


Season 2[]


  • It is only guessed that Mungus' mom is voiced by Kathleen Barr, who also voiced Wheezie and various minor female characters.