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This is a transcript of the Dragon Tales episode "My Emmy Or Bust" from season one, which aired on January 28, 2000.


  • [Max is in the playroom, playing with a modeling dough machine. He pulls down the lever on the side, and it makes the dough come out of the monster head.]
  • Max: It’s alive! [Laughs wickedly]
  • [Emmy enters the room.]
  • Emmy: Max, Dad and I are going to the store. Wanna come?
  • Max: Nah, I'm making monsters.
  • [Max puts another head on the machine and pulls the lever again, while also making sounds with his mouth.]
  • Emmy: [disgusted] Ew! Gross!
  • Max: Sure you don’t want some brains? [Laughs]
  • [Emmy heads out the door. But right as she does, the dragon scale begins to glow.]
  • Max: Oh, no! Huh? Emmy, come back!
  • Mom: Max, did you call me?
  • Emmy: You should’ve come, Max. Dad gave me a quarter to ride on the big blue dolphin in front of the store.
  • Max: That’s nothing. I went to Dragon Land by myself and was captain of a submarine in search of a missing sea dragon.
  • Emmy: [In disbelief] Oh Max, just because I got to ride the dolphin, you don’t have to make up a story. I know you’d never go to Dragon Land without me.
  • Max: But I—[gives up] Nevermind.
  • [Max walks away, while a bunch of sand falls out of his pockets.]
  • Emmy: Hey!
  • [Emmy spots a small shell in the sand, leading her to believe that Max was telling the truth.]
  • Emmy: Huh? Max! Wait! What kind of submarine? What’s a sea dragon?