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My Way Or Snow Way
Season: 1
Production code: 27b
Broadcast number: 27b
Written by:
Jeffrey Scott
Broadcast Information
PBS Kids Premiere:
January 25, 2000
Paired with
"Quetzal's Magic Pop-Up Book"

My Way Or Snow Way is the second segment of the twenty- seventh episode of the first season of Dragon Tales.




Emmy and Max are playing hide-and-seek in the playroom. Emmy looks for Max everywhere, including trying to look outside the playroom, which she says is not fair. It is revealed Max is in the playroom, just under a giant sombrero.

The gang departs for Dragon Land, not aware of which spot they'd land: Snowy Summit. They didn't bring any snow clothes, so Ord spares earmuffs, coats, mittens, and (for Emmy) snow pants. Max starts looking for Ord, tricking him into coming out with dragonberries. Then they both look for Zak and Wheezie, with Ord tricking them into popping out of their knuckerhole by playing "Pop! Goes the Weasel" on his saxophone. Max is looking for the rest of the girls, and finds a snowman. He believes Emmy is hiding in it, and takes off the nose, but to his shock, the snowman lives and tells him to give him back his nose. Max runs to report this, but Zak and Wheezie had already found the rest of the girls. Max corrects them, but Emmy accuses him of exaggerating, as there is no such thing as a real, live snowman. Cassie reveals to Max and Emmy that his name is Chilly, and that he lives in one of the Stickleback Mountains. This snowman greets them, but sneezes afterward. Cassie hands him a tissue to wipe his carrot nose, and asks him why he's not up in the mountains where it's chilly. He explains that he is looking for his snow puppy, Nippy, and describes him. Before he can finish saying that Nippy's tail is always wagging, he sneezes again, and Cassie hands him another tissue. After wiping his nose again, Chilly asks the gang if they've seen him, which they say no to. Chilly is worried that Nippy will melt into a puddle in the warm weather. Max notes that his Uncle Roberto's chihuahua Peppy leaves puddles, but Emmy says it isn't that kind. Chilly sneezes again. Cassie, handing him a third tissue, asks him if he's got a cold. He disagrees, as snowmen get warms, and he has a bad one from spending all day in the warm air looking for Nippy. He has sneezed a fourth time into that tissue. He asks the gang if they can help. They agree. Wheezie looks through her side of the pouch for a special whistle, simply because that whistle cannot be heard by people or dragons, but can be heard by dogs. She takes one out, but everyone in the gang does hear it, so loudly, in fact, that piles of snow fall from treetops onto all of them, including Chilly. She keeps looking, and takes it out, but Zak won't allow her to blow that one. Emmy convinces her to just look for Nippy with them. As the human children ride their respective dragon best friends, Zak and Wheezie have Chilly ride on them, but he feels heavy to the two of them combined. Chilly apologizes and jokingly notes that he'd eaten too many frozen dinners. He laughs, but then again, he sneezes, making flying harder for them.

The gang starts looking in the dandelion forest because Nippy loves barking at those flowers. Again, partnered in their respective groups (Max with Ord, Emmy with Cassie, and Chilly with the twins), Chilly comforts Wheezie in her plight, saying he thinks her whistle idea is a good one. The twins talk to Chilly about Wheezie having collected whistles since they were little. The gang meets up again, and Wheezie decides to blow her special whistle, much to Max's dismay. Nobody but the dandelions hear it, and they shake their snow off, and, as usual, make Ord sneeze three times, causing some of them to lose their seeds. Zak berates Wheezie. Emmy then says that the whistle is broken, but Wheezie doesn't. She insists it will work, but Zak won't let her do it again. Chilly worries that Nippy will melt. Ord decides on using food to lure him; he takes out a sandwich on a long baguette, and demonstrates by running (a la The Flintstones) and wagging his tail (which makes snow "fly" and fall on the children) and eating it all himself. Max hopes he has another sandwich, but he doesn't.

The gang keeps looking through a golden path that is shown through snow (some of which had melted). Emmy then finds puppy tracks, and they follow it, but a spiny pine has erased some of them, much to Chilly's despair, but Wheezie is optimistic, and is about to blow again. The rest of the gang is dismayed to have her failing again and insist it doesn't work, but Wheezie doesn't believe that, reminding them of the dandelion incident. She keeps blowing despite Emmy and Max getting annoyed, and then puppy yipping is heard. Nippy is indeed running towards the gang and Chilly and then leaps into Zak and Wheezie's arms (as the latter drops her whistle). The rest of the gang realize Wheezie was right all along, and then Nippy returns into an overjoyed Chilly's stick arms. Wheezie then picks her whistle back up and is proud to have persevered. The gang, including Zak, apologizes to Wheezie for not believing her. She forgives them (notably Zak), and then remembers another whistle, but it instead is audible (meaning it can be heard), just like the first one, and it calls a flock of Do-Re-Mi birds, much to Zak's chagrin (annoyance).

When Max and Emmy return home, Max reveals that he has borrowed Wheezie's dog whistle. He intends to see if it works on regular dogs, even though Emmy doesn't think it will. Max blows, and Emmy (as noted earlier) doesn't hear it. She tells him it won't work, but then, a bunch of dogs are barking.



My Way Or Snow Way (transcript)

Memorable Quotes[]

  • Wheezie: ♪Pop goes the Wheezie!♪
  • [After one of Chilly's sneezes, his head falls off, but he uses his stick arms to catch and reattach it.]
  • Cassie: Have you got a cold, Chilly?
  • Chilly: Nuh-uh. Snowmen don't get colds. We get warms. [He sneezes hard again.] And I got a bad one from being in the warm air all day looking for Nippy. Say, do you think you can help me look for him?
  • Gang: Yeah! Sure! Of course!

Home Video release[]

  • N/A


  • When Ord is handing Max and Emmy some snow clothes, he is only seen giving them jackets and scarves. However, in the next shot they appear in, not only are they both seen wearing earmuffs and mittens, but Emmy appears to be wearing her snow pants and boots, while Max is still in his normal pants and sneakers.
  • When Wheezie is motivated by Chilly not to give up on her whistle idea, her and Zak's mittens are gone.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • When Chilly is out in warm air too long, he sneezes a lot, just like when people get colds (not to mention, his head can fall off); however, he calls this illness a warm. This is probably a play both on the fact that snow must be cold to be solid at all and on the fact that heat melts snow and ice, which makes warm air bad for snowmen (and snow dogs like Nippy).
  • Snow keeps dandelions from giving Ord allergic reactions, as there is snow on top when they enter the forest, and he doesn't sneeze. However, when Wheezie wakes them with her dog whistle and they shake the snow off, they spread the seeds and cause him to sneeze.
  • The hide-and-seek scene, including Max picking dragonberries to lure Ord out of hiding, was reused in "Remember The Pillow Fort".
  • This is the only snow-based episode where the dragons are wearing any winter hats and mittens (except that Ord wore a stocking cap in "Snow Dragons", making this the second episode where he wears a winter hat of any kind, but the only one where he wore mittens).
    • For Cassie, it would be violet mittens and a purple stocking cap with a violet edge and a yellow cotton ball.
    • For Ord, it would be a red cap with a beige cotton ball and red mittens (in this episode; in the aforementioned episode, he had worn a green stocking cap with the trim and cotton ball both being yellow).
    • For both Zak and Wheezie it would be blue hats with yellow cotton balls with lighter yellow edges and the same lighter yellow mittens.
  • Max and Emmy wear their winter clothes from "Snow Dragons", though they are provided by Ord in this episode. The difference, however, is that Max does not have his snow pants, hat, or boots, and his mittens are blue instead of orange.
    • It is unclear as to how or why Ord acquired these same outfits, or if they had been duplicated by him or someone else.
  • Chilly makes a joke on frozen dinners in this episode. While he is a snowman, and snow is frozen water, a frozen dinner is also one of those ready-made dinners that are kept in a freezer until they are ready to cook, also known as TV dinners, which are generally not nutritious.