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No Hitter
Season: 1
Production code: 20b
Broadcast number: 20b
Written by:
Jeffrey Scott
Storyboards by:
Carol A. Turkington
Broadcast Information
PBS Kids Premiere:
October 22, 1999
Paired with
"Blowin' In The Wind"

No Hitter is the second segment of the twentieth episode of the first season and fortieth segment of the series of Dragon Tales.


Max suddenly gets angry after not getting his way in a game of dragon kick ball, and expresses his feelings the wrong way by punching Emmy in the arm and then kicking Ord in the tail. Quetzal reminds Max to use his words and not his violent and aggressive actions when he is angry, and Max must remember Quetzal's rules not to hit or kick anyone else in order for him to continue playing the dragon kick ball game.


Emmy and Max are in the playroom preparing to go to Dragon Land to take part in a game of Dragon Kick Ball. Max is practicing by playing with a ball and a toy dragon. Before leaving, Max asks Emmy if he can pitch. Thinking she said yes, Max gets excited, and the two head to Dragon Land.

Once they arrive, the dragons are getting ready for the game, with Quetzal as the coach. The gang gathers for a team hug, and Quetzal discusses the rules of the game. They all get into their positions, and Emmy heads over to the pitcher's mound...as does Max who's really eager to pitch. Emmy tells Max that he's playing in the outfield with Ord, causing Max to get mad and argue that she said he could pitch before they left the playroom. Emmy refuses to agree so and denies it, causing Max to get more mad and punch her in the arm for not letting him pitch, making her cry. Quetzal notices the dispute and walks over to see what's happening. Emmy tearfully explains what happened, and Quetzal asks Max why he hit his sister. Max explains that Emmy said he could pitch when they were in the playroom, which she still denies, saying she didn't hear him ask to pitch and actually said, "Okay, let’s go." Quetzal brings the siblings to order, telling Emmy to pitch and pulls Max out to have a little lecture about what he did.

Once Emmy pitches the ball and an orange dragon on the other team kicks it back to her. She then rolls it for Cassie to catch, and with her tail, she tosses it to Ord who then catches it in his pouch, unaware that this is where it went. The girls (not including Wheezie) point it out and to hurry, so he tosses the ball back to Emmy, but not before the orange dragon makes a home run.

As the game continues, Quetzal tells Max that it's okay to be angry, but hitting others just because he doesn't get his way is not the right thing to do. He then tells Max that when he gets angry next time, he should use his words by saying how he feels instead of hitting. Quetzal then allows him back in the game, but if Max hits someone again, he’ll have to take him out of the game for a while.

Max gets back in the game and goes out into the outfield with Ord. It is now time for the next kick. Max tries to catch the ball, but Ord blocks him and catches it before he can. Max complains that it's not fair, but Ord assures him that he'll get the next one. Quetzal is proud that Max used his words and not hitting, but Max is still mad at Ord for not letting him catch the ball.

Meanwhile, Zak and Wheezie try to get the ball, and Wheezie alone catches it in her mouth. Two rounds later, another ball comes down from the sky. Ord allows Max to catch this one, but before he can, he blinks causing it to suddenly bounce in front of him and land into Ord's arms instead, much to his instant regret. This prompts Max to get angry again and he kicks Ord in the tail, which he then regrets when he sees Ord crying. The gang and Quetzal gather around, and Quetzal asks Ord if he is okay. Ord explains what happened, and Max points out that Ord didn't let him catch the ball. Quetzal understands why Max was angry, but takes him out of the game for a while because he didn't follow the rules by also hitting Ord, leaving the others with one player less than the other team, making it 4 against 5. Because of this, Zak despairs that they will never win now.

Meanwhile, Quetzal asks Max if he saw how upset Ord was from being kicked, and Max replies that he used his words, but he just didn't listen. Quetzal suggests to Max that the next time he feels like hitting someone, he should find something else to hit instead. When Max spots a basket of extra balls and asks about it, Quetzal tells him it's perfect (in his own language) so that he can hit as hard as he wants without getting anyone hurt. So to let out his frustration, Max knocks the basket over and kicks the balls around.

The game continues on without Max and things seem to go pretty well, especially after Emmy dodges a tag from the catcher and when Cassie tricks the first and second base dragons into looking up, even though Zak and Wheezie are struck out beforehand from them trying out a screaming Wheezie kick. By the time the teams switch, Max is allowed back in the game on the condition that he doesn’t hit anyone. While trying to tag another dragon out with the kick ball who makes fun of him, he gets very frustrated and holds out his fist again, but he remembers Quetzal's rules to hit, and successfully tags the dragon on the tail, getting his opponent out and earning cheers, and a nodding grunt from Quetzal.

The teams switch off again and Ord is next up to kick, but before he can reach the plate and score, one of the catchers from the other team grabs a hold of the ball and gets the out with a tag to the stomach, leaving him disappointed. Zak and Wheezie are up next and they manage to get a winning point, dodging a tag from the second baseman by moving their heads away in the process.

Finally, it’s Max's turn to kick, which is the last point they need to win. Max is then ready to kick, pointing out that he is a good kicker, which Ord, rubbing his tail from the earlier kick, sarcastically points out that he himself knows it. Max, however, misses the ball the first two times, which makes him very angry like before and he feels like hitting again. Quetzal reminds him what he said before, but Max doesn’t see anything he can hit (except for the ball when it is pitched the third time). So, letting out his last bit of frustration, Max kicks the dragon ball so hard it flies really high and far. Max is amazed and starts running around the bases. The ball is caught, and the dragons on the other team are close to tagging him, but Max, being much smaller than even Cassie, dodges them all and makes it to home base by sliding toward the plate. When the dust clears, Max feels rather proud, not only because he won the game, but because he made it without hitting anyone, earning cheers and hugs from his friends all at once. The opposing dragons walk off the field in defeat.

Finally, the kids arrive home with solid gold trophies in hand. Max begins to brag about how he won the game. But he kicks so hard, his shoe comes off and lands on Emmy's trophy, to which Emmy awards him a point, and the two of them laugh.



No Hitter (transcript)

Memorable Quotes[]

  • Max: Can I pitch in the game today?
  • Emmy: [mishears] Okay, Max.
  • Max: [misunderstands] Yeah!
  • Max: Give me the ball, Emmy.
  • Emmy: What for?
  • Max: I'm pitching.
  • Emmy: Nuh-uh! You're playing out there with Ord.
  • Max: But you said I could pitch!
  • Emmy: Did not!
  • Max: Did too! In the playroom!
  • Emmy: Did not!
  • Max: It's not fair! [He punches her in the right arm]
  • Emmy: (drops the ball) OW! (She begins to cry, and Quetzal walks over) Max hit me!
  • Quetzal: Why did you hit your sister, Max?
  • Max: She said I could pitch!
  • Emmy: I never said that!
  • Max: Did so! I asked you before we left home, and you said, "okay!"
  • Emmy: I said, "Okay, let's go." I didn't hear you ask to pitch!
  • Quetzal: All right, niños! Go ahead and pitch, Emmy. Max, we need to talk.
  • Max: The game is starting, Quetzal.
  • Quetzal: I know. It's okay to be angry, Max, but the first rule in Dragon Land is that you cannot hit anyone.
  • Max: But I really wanna pitch!
  • Quetzal: I understand, but you must never, ever hit. Next time you get angry, Max, use your words, not your fist.
  • Max: How do I do that?
  • Quetzal: Just say how you feel, but don't hit.
  • Max: All right. Can I go play now?
  • Quetzal: Sí, but if you hit someone again, I'll have to take you out of the game!
  • Max: Okay, Quetzal!
  • Wheezie: No, I got it! [She catches the dragonball in her mouth] Told ya!
  • [Zak chuckles.]
  • Max: (After kicking Ord in the tail, and the latter explains it to Quetzal in painful tears) He didn't let me catch the ball!
  • Quetzal: Entiendo, but you're going to have to come out of the game for a while.
  • Cassie: Without Max, we only have four players on our team, and they have five.
  • Quetzal: Well, the next time you feel like hitting somebody, stop and find something to hit instead.
  • Cyan Dragon: Nyah-nyah, can't tag me!
  • Max: Ugh! [starts holding out his fist, but remembers that hitting is not allowed] Yes, I can!
  • Cassie: If you get a point, we win!
  • Max: Don't worry. I'm a good kicker.
  • Ord: [stroking his tail, as it is still sore from when Max kicked him] Yeah, I know.
  • Quetzal: Max, remember what I told you.
  • Max: I know, but what else can I hit?
  • [The pitcher rolls the ball to him a third time.]
  • Max: The ball! [He kicks it.]
  • Emmy: Point for Max!

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  • After Max hits Emmy and thinks she said he could pitch in the playroom at the beginning of the episode, Emmy tells Max she said "okay" as in "Okay, let's go," in the playroom, but she really says "Okay, Max." So this technically means that Emmy did unintentionally say he could pitch, but she actually meant "let's go", not for him to pitch.
    • Emmy should've been able to hear Max ask her to pitch in the Dragon Ball game before leaving to Dragon Land, since she technically DID say he could pitch unintentionally.
  • Somehow, Cassie is sarcastically smiling throughout the part where Max hit Emmy and made her cry, and she saw it.
  • While Quetzal is taking Max out of the game the first time (which is for hitting Emmy), just after Quetzal's back (but not his tail) passes Cassie, a group of three spots briefly vanishes and then returns.
  • For unknown reasons, if you really count Zak and Wheezie as two dragons (even though they share the same body from the necks down), actually, contrary to what Cassie said at that moment, there are actually five players without Max. Therefore, she was only counting Zak and Wheezie together as only one dragon and therefore as only one player by mistake.
  • Somehow, Ord was rubbing his tail when he replied that he knew Max was a good kicker; however, earlier, when Emmy hit a home run, he let her clap his tail, and he felt no pain. It's unknown if Max's kicking spot and Emmy's clapping spot are on the same area or on different areas of Ord's tail.
  • When the kids say the rhyme to go home, they are not seen with anything in their hands. However, once they return to the playroom after their rhyme, they are each holding trophies.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Morals:
    • Getting violent with someone else (i.e., hitting, kicking, pushing, etc.) is not the correct way to deal with your problems when you're angry just to make you feel better, especially if it's just a simple misunderstanding. There are other ways to deal with frustration instead of resorting to any kind of violence.
    • It's good to use your words to express your problems, not rash and violent actions.
  • This was the last episode to air in 1999.
  • This is the second time Max has an antagonist role in the show. The first time being "The Fury Is Out On This One," and the third and last time being "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do."
    • This episode arguably also marks Max's biggest antagonist role in the show by punching Emmy in the arm and then kicking Ord in the tail.
      • Whether or not Max learns his lesson on not hitting others is unknown, since he never apologizes to Emmy or Ord, despite clearly owing an apology for hitting them.
        • To be fair, Quetzal never told Max to apologize.
  • This episode marks the only time that Emmy cries in the series.
  • This marks the second episode where a human cries (Max did so in "Snow Dragons"), but the third where a non-dragon cries, as Cosmo, an anthropomorphic flower, did so in "Cassie Loves A Parade," which is the second such episode).
  • Because Zak and Wheezie are a two-headed dragon, it is unknown if they get one point each (making two total) or one point total (making half a point each).
  • When Emmy arrives in Dragon Land, she says "Hola", which is Spanish for Hello.