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The Nodlings are tiny little creatures led by the Giant of Nod who appear in the Nodlings-centered episodes, they live with the Giant in the tall grass.

Physical Appearance[]

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    A Nodling running from Max's bulldozer

    The Nodlings are small creatures with brown hair for skin, they have black beady eyes and orange noses, they don't have any mouths, they have purple witch hats with a red line on it and wear yellow shoes.


Season 1[]

Season 2[]

Season 3[]



A Nodlings clay set made by GiraffeSheeps on Reddit in 2021

  • A Nodling made a cameo in Which Way, Wheezie?.
  • The Nodlings like to eat Mush-Trees.
  • A Nodling had a mouth while waving goodbye in an animation goof from Max Loves A Train.
  • The Nodlings' wagon is made out of wood.
  • The Nodlings aren't too similar to the Fraggles from Fraggle Rock.
  • The Nodlings' campsite is located somewhere in Dragon Land.
  • The Nodlings aren't mentioned by name, but Cassie (and Emmy) referred them to as Nodlings and the Giant refers them to as Men.
  • They have a major role in Much Ado About Nodlings.