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One Big Wish
Giant Max
Season: 2
Production code: 5a
Broadcast number: 5a
Written by:
Andrew Robinson
Broadcast Information
PBS Kids Premiere:
June 8, 2001
Paired with
"Breaking Up Is Hard To Do"

One Big Wish is the first segment of the fifth episode of the second season of Dragon Tales.


Max is once again fed up with being little, so he makes a wish in Willie the Wishing Well which makes him grow bigger... and bigger... and bigger... and bigger... and bigger... and bigger... and BIGGER... until he becomes a Giant. At first Max loves being so big, but as he keeps on growing and growing and growing, he later regrets it.


Max and Emmy return home from the fair, and once again, Max is too little to go on one of the rides, as he is complaining about not being big enough and not getting to spend the quarter their dad gave him. But Max forgets about it when the Dragon Scale glows, thinking at least he may be big enough to do things in Dragon Land.

When they arrive, the dragons are all playing whiffleball and want Max and Emmy to join them. The kids agree to play, with Max claiming to be good at whiffleball. Things start out okay, but when it becomes Max’s turn, he gets tagged out before he can make it to base. Max complains that if he were a little bigger, he could have been saved. Later, a ball comes flying towards Max as he tries to catch it, but it’s too high for him to reach. The ball goes into the bushes and he goes to retrieve it.

Max finds the ball in the middle of a small pond with a walrus-like creature in it wearing a crown, and tries to reach for it. As he does, the quarter falls out of his pocket and into the water. Max is still struggling to reach the ball and is a little frustrated, wishing he was bigger. However, just after he says that, he starts to grow a little bigger and manages to get the ball. After he leaves, the walrus wakes up and sees Max’s quarter in the water, realizing someone made a wish.

Max heads back to the game, but bumps his head on a tree branch, which he didn’t see before due to not being tall enough. When getting back in the game, the ball comes towards him again, but this time, Max grows a little bigger and manages to catch it.

As the time comes for the teams to switch, Max’s friends start to notice his sudden change as he grows a bit bigger (about the size of Ord) to the point where neither his batting helmet nor his baseball mitt fit. Max seems to love being big, but Emmy is starting to get worried. Emmy asks Max if he is sure he feels alright, but Max says he is and that being bigger is the best. After Emmy swings, Max tries to catch the ball, but ends up stepping on it and flattens it. Since that was their only ball, the whiffleball game is now over.

Max apologizes, saying he didn’t see the ball because it was so tiny and Cassie said it was because he’s not used to being so big, and that he wouldn't have stepped on it if he was his regular size. Just then, Max starts growing bigger again, this time being as big as Quetzal. Cassie insists Max should get help from Quetzal, but Max still enjoys being bigger and doesn't want to go back to his normal size. Max decides to race Ord to the treehouse, to which he agrees and they run off. Emmy is now even more worried, so she, Zak and Wheezie follow Max to the treehouse while Cassie leaves to get Quetzal.

When they get to Sid Sycamore, the situation gets worse as they find that Max has grown even bigger, and can’t fit into the treehouse anymore, especially when he’s the size of Sid, himself. So they all step outside to keep him company, but right as they do, Max grows bigger yet again to the size of Mungus the Giant, which is really, REALLY, REALLY big. Max then tells Wheezie that he'll put the whiffleball bats away so he doesn’t break them, but he does so anyway when he grabs them, which makes both Zak and Wheezie very angry, causing Max to cry. Saddened, Max runs away wishing to be his regular size again.

Cassie eventually gets to the School in the Sky to tell Quetzal about Max’s problem. She tells him that Max is growing and growing, and they don't know why or how to make it stop. By the time they get to the treehouse, Max is already gone. Following his footprints, the gang take to the skies and eventually find an even bigger Max sitting on the ground, and he begins to tell Quetzal what happened. Max tells Quetzal about how he grew... and grew... and grew..., and that at first he liked being big. But then he squashed the whiffleball, broke the bats and couldn’t fit into the treehouse. Deciding that being big isn’t fun anymore, he asks Quetzal if he can help him get back to normal.

Max shows everyone where he was when he started growing, which turns out to be a wishing well guarded by a walrus named Willie. Willie wakes up and is startled to see Max as a Giant, but Quetzal explains that he made a wish by mistake. Emmy then spots a quarter in the water, which was actually the same one Max had from earlier. Max then realizes that the quarter must’ve fell out of his pocket as he was reaching the ball, and his wish is what made him grow bigger. He decides to make another wish, but after checking his pockets, he can't find any coins. Luckily, Ord has a big dragon coin and hands it to him. Max is now ready to go back to his normal size, but before he does, he gives Ord a big hug (similar to the ones Ord usually gives to him and Emmy), wanting to know how it feels the other way around. Afterwards, Ord asks Max if he's sure he wants to be his normal size again. Max says he does before tossing the coin into the well and wishing to be small again. Once he does, Max shrinks down to his normal size.

The kids return to the playroom and Max feels happy to be little again. Emmy offers him her Funland pennant souvenir, but becomes scared when she thinks Max has grown again. But it turns out to be a joke as it was only Max standing in front of the desk lamp making a shadow.



One Big Wish (transcript)

Memorable Quotes[]

  • Emmy: I'm sorry you couldn't go on the roller coaster with me, Max.
  • Max: If I was just this much taller, I would have been big enough. I didn't even get to spend the quarter Daddy gave me.
  • Max: But I'm big enough to do things in Dragon Land.
  • Emmy and Max: I wish, I wish, with all my heart, to fly with Dragons in a land apart.
  • Max: If I was just a little bigger, I could have been saved.
  • Max: Oh no, it's too high!
  • Max: Where did it go? [Max sees the ball in the wishing well] There you are.
  • Max: Can't reach. I wish I was bigger.
  • Max: Gotcha!
  • Max: Ow! I didn't see that branch before.
  • Max: I got it! [Max grows again] Huh?
  • [Later, the gang is getting ready for the next round. Max tries putting on his batting helmet, but starts to grow a bit more and the helmet doesn’t fit.]
  • Max: Hey! My helmet!
  • Emmy and Cassie: [gasp] Max is getting bigger!
  • [The others are both amazed and confused at this.]
  • Ord: Max! You’re as big as me!
  • Max: Whoa! Cool! Can I borrow your batting helmet?
  • [Ord lends Max his helmet, which seems to fit him better, as Max goes up to bat.]
  • Emmy: Cassie, why is Max growing so fast?
  • Cassie: I have no idea.
  • Emmy: Max, are you sure you feel alright?
  • Max: Sure, being bigger is the best.
  • Zak: Perfect, that was our only ball!
  • Wheezie: Not loving it.
  • Ord: We can't play without a ball. I guess the game's over.
  • Max: I'm really sorry. It was an accident. The ball was just so tiny.
  • Cassie: It's okay, Max. You're just not used to being so big. You wouldn't have stepped on it if you were your regular size.
  • [Suddenly, Max starts growing again and the others are shocked.]
  • Emmy: Max, you’re huge! You must be as big as Quetzal.
  • Max: Really?
  • Cassie: We better go talk to Quetzal. He’ll know what to do.
  • Max: I don’t want to go. I like being big.
  • Emmy: But I’m worried about you.
  • Max: Why? Hey Ord, I'll race you to the treehouse.
  • Ord: Uh, okay.
  • Max: Ready, set, go!
  • [Max and Ord run off to the treehouse.]
  • Emmy: If Max won't go to Quetzal, what are we gonna do?
  • Cassie: Why don't you go find Max? I'll go to the School in the Sky and bring Quetzal to the treehouse.
  • Emmy: Thanks, Cassie.
  • Wheezie: What’s wrong, Max?
  • Max: I can’t fit into the treehouse.
  • Zak: Well, of course not. You’re as big as the tree.
  • Emmy: We'll stay outside and keep you company. Right, guys?
  • Emmy: Max, you just grew again!
  • Ord: You’re as big as Mungus the Giant! And that’s really, really, really big!
  • Max: Better put these away, Wheezie. I don’t want to accidentally……..
  • [Max grabs the bats, but ends up crushing them to pieces.]
  • Max: …….break them.
  • Wheezie: [annoyed] Hey! Big guy!
  • Zak: [also annoyed] Nice going, Max!
  • Max: Sorry.
  • Emmy: He didn’t do it on purpose.
  • [Max starts getting tears in his eyes.]
  • Max: Emmy, I don’t want to be big anymore. I want to be my regular size again.
  • [Ord pulls an umbrella out of his pouch as the tears come raining down. Max then begins to run away.]
  • Emmy: Max! Come back! [but he doesn’t even hear her, as Max begins to feel like a danger to himself and his friends. Meanwhile at the School in the Sky]
  • Quetzal: CASSIE!!
  • Cassie: Quetzal, you have to come quick! Something happened to Max and he’s growing and growing.…and we don’t know why. And we don’t know how to make it stop!
  • Quetzal: Growing, you say? Okay, Cassie. Let's go help Max.
  • Quetzal: I hear you have a big problem.
  • Ord: It's more like a gigantic, humongous, enormous, really, REALLY big problem, Quetzal!
  • Quetzal: Well, let's find our friend Max.
  • Quetzal: Buenos Dias, Maxito!
  • Max: Hola, Quetzal.
  • Quetzal: Max, looks like you grew a little bit.
  • Max: I grew... and I grew... and I grew! At first it was fun, and I hit a home run, but then I squished the ball, I couldn’t fit into the treehouse, and I accidentally broke the bats. It’s not fun anymore. I want to be my real size again. Can you help me, Quetzal?
  • Emmy: Max? Are you sure you don't want my Funland souvenir? [Lights go out in the playroom and Emmy sees Max's shadow getting bigger] Oh no! Max! You’re big again!
  • [Emmy turns around and sees that Max hasn’t actually grown at all. Instead, he’s just standing in front of the desk lamp.]
  • Max: Gotcha!
  • Emmy: [laughs] Max!

Home Video release[]

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  • When Giant Max is tapping his pockets for a coin to wish himself back to normal size, Zak & Wheezie are reversed; Zak is on the left and Wheezie is on the right.
  • Emmy's souvenir from the theme park changed many times; from the number of cars on it (3, 3 1/2, or 4), what color the cars were (orange or purple), and whether it had one side (end of episode) or two sides (beginning of episode.)
  • When Emmy is talking to Max after he grows to the size of Ord, he is wearing Ord's batting helmet. However, when Emmy looks over at Max, he isn't wearing the helmet.
  • When Max goes into the bushes to find the ball, his baseball mitt disappears.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Morals:
    • Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it, and if you do get it, it may not be as pleasing as you may have thought or hoped.
    • Size doesn't matter, and being bigger isn't always better. Being big might seem fun at first, but there is such a thing as being too big.
  • Mungus isn't in this episode, but Ord mentions him when Max grows as big as him.
  • This is the second episode in which Max cries. The first time was in "Snow Dragons."
  • This is the third time Max is upset about his height. He previously complained about it in "A Tall Tale" and "Small Time", and later would complain about it again in "A Small Victory".
  • This is also the second time Max changes size. The first time was in "Small Time," when he and Emmy shrank down to ant size after being exposed to the Shrinking Violets.
  • This episode is the first appearance of Willie the Wishing Well, a wishing well in the shape of a walrus who grants wishes when coins are thrown in. In subsequent appearances, he was renamed Wyatt.
  • This is the first and only time a human is shown becoming a Giant.
  • It's unknown how big Max would have gotten if he didn't wish himself back to his normal size. Since he didn't specify a limit, it's possible Max would have kept on growing indefinitely without ever stopping; possibly putting his life in danger if his size put him out of a safe breathing limit within the atmosphere...
  • This is one of the few episodes to not have a DVD release.


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