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This article is about the VHS. You may be looking for the 2005 DVD.

Playing Fair Makes Playing Fun! is a VHS featuring 3 episodes of Dragon Tales. It was released by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment on June 7, 2005 and is 40 minutes long.


  1. "The Mefirst Wizard"
  2. "Teasing Is Not Pleasing"
  3. "Play It And Say It"

DVD Counterpart[]

Playing Fair Makes Playing Fun! (2005 DVD)


These Dragon Tales adventures feature dragons as playmates helping children learn important lessons in life. In Playing Fair Makes Playing Fun, children learn creative ways to show consideration for the feeling of others.

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  • This is the only VHS of Dragon Tales to have an episode with Enrique in it.
  • Despite having an episode with Enrique in it, the funding from Season 2 is still used.
  • This is also the only VHS of the series to not have any Dragon Tunes segments.
  • This is the final Dragon Tales VHS to be released.