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The Purple Goo Cloud is warm & sticky, and it smells really bad. Not only that, it is also harder to get off than bubble gum.


In "Emmy's Dream House," the cloud is arriving, so Emmy has her friends help her to fix up a tree house, albeit with Emmy learning a hard lesson. At one point, as the cloud comes, despite Cassie's objections, Emmy has Ord put a flat roof on top. The problem is that purple goo doesn't run off like real rainwater does. It piles up and gets through any gaps no matter how little, and if it piles up too high, the roof will fall and break on anyone and anything inside of it, so the ultimate answer is a big umbrella Cassie brought.

Some of the goo would later be shown in "Sounds Like Trouble," as it is mixed with some of Max's green slime, and it bounces into a dark cave.