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This is a transcript of the Dragon Tales episode "Puzzlewood" from season two, which aired on October 8, 2002.


  • Emmy: That’s not the right piece.
  • Max: I can make it fit.
  • Emmy: You can’t just make it fit, Max. It has to be the right shape.
  • Max: Let’s play with something else, Emmy.
  • Emmy: Don’t you want to finish the cow puzzle?
  • Max: Puzzles are too hard.
  • Emmy: I bet you’d find out what goes where if you keep trying.
  • Emmy: Hey! I don’t recognize this place. Where are we?
  • Cassie: In a forest called Puzzlewood.
  • Wheezie: This is our very first time playing here.
  • Zak: And hopefully our very last time getting lost here.
  • Dragon Fairy: Sort of. This is the first of three doors you must go through to leave puzzlewood.
  • Ord: Thank you, dragon fairy.
  • [Ord tries opening the door, but it doesn’t budge.]
  • Ord: Hey! It won’t open!
  • Dragon Fairy: That’s because there’s a puzzle to solve at each door. The door will open when you solve the puzzle.
  • Cassie: What kind of puzzle?
  • Dragon Fairy: [tickles her] A matching puzzle. It’s a game where you find things that are the same.
  • Zak: But how will we know what to match with what?
  • Dragon Fairy: [Giggles] Knock and the door will tell you.
  • [Emmy knocks on the first door and it starts to wake up.]
  • Door #1: Well hello, little ones. Would you like to hear about my puzzle?
  • Emmy: Yes.
  • Door #1: Then listen carefully: I have a favorite flower, please bring the flower to me. The flower has 5 petals and 3 leaves you’ll surely see.
  • Max: Look at my flower! Isn’t it big?
  • Cassie: Pretty too.
  • Emmy: Max, I don’t yours will match the flower the door described because it doesn’t have any petals.
  • Max: [Disappointed] Oh.
  • [Max knocks on the second door and a face morphed from it, startling him a bit.]
  • Door #2: Hola niños. Do you wish to pass?
  • All: Mmm-Hmm.
  • Door #2: Then here is my puzzle: I have a favorite rock. You will find it by the stream. The rock has 2 stripes and lots of spots, they are green.
  • Door #3: Howdy-Doo! Would you like to come through?
  • Wheezie: Yes please!
  • Door #3: Then here’s a puzzle for you to do: I have a favorite mask, please bring the mask to me. To find my favorite mask, you must ask the tree.
  • Cassie: But the mouth is a different.
  • Ord: But the nose isn't the same.
  • Zak: This one's almost a match, but the eyes aren't trangles.