Quetzal (pronounced "Quetzal" or "Ket-Zel") is a wise dragon who has been in Dragon Land for centuries. He is an expert on Dragon Land lore and is a great resource for Emmy and the others. He's the teacher at The School in the Sky, and teaches the dragons how to do things like sharpen their claws and fly. His classroom is full of books, art supplies and surprises, including The Big Storybook - a fantastical almanac of sorts. Quetzal is the dragon the youngsters turn to when they need a grownup but the wise dragon never gives them a total solution. He just leads them to discover, on their own, the right path to take. In the episode "Just for Laughs", he is proven to be ticklish. He also has an identical twin brother named Fernando, who is rarely seen on the show.

Quetzal is voiced by Eli Gabay.


Quetzal's skin is light yellow. Like other dragons, his chest, his belly, and the underside of his tale are white and have ridged stripes. He has brown spikes running down his back and tale, and small wings on his upper back, He has gray dots all over his large body, some small fangs showing, light brown feathers on his head, and razor sharp claws on his hands and feet. Like all other dragons, his only clothing is a pendant, his being dark green orb on a brown necklace. He has an old and wise look to him, adding to his character.


  • The word quetzal is a bird.