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Quibbling Siblings
Season: 1
Production code: 18a
Broadcast number: 18a
Written by:
James Greenberg
Broadcast Information
PBS Kids Premiere:
October 20, 1999
Paired with
"Wheezie's Hairball"

Quibbling Siblings is the first segment of the eighteenth episode of the first season of Dragon Tales.


That's it! Zak gets very upset with Wheezie and refuses to talk to her again after she kept him awake all night, messed up his breakfast in the morning, lost his magnifying glass, and then scares a Jugglebug he was planning to take to school for show and tell. So he uses the "Alone cone" to ignore whatever Wheezie is saying to him.


Max is sitting by the windowsill feeling pretty bored. He rolls a ball, and Emmy catches it upon entering the playroom. Max wonders how long it will be before breakfast, to which Emmy replies that it will be forever since their parents are still asleep. Thus, Emmy decides to take Max with her to Dragon Land.

Unfortunately, nobody seems to be there to greet them. However, the children hear light clinking noises and follow the sound to Zak and Wheezie's knuckerhole. Max appears to be afraid, but he actually denies it; however, he does ask to hold Emmy's hand, which she approves. They get in and follow the noise to Zak and Wheezie's cave, where Wheezie was banging on three pots in bed very, very loudly, while Zak is holding his pillow over his face. Zak notes that Wheezie had been practicing all night, leaving him no choice but to endure the disruptive noise the whole night. He later gets Wheezie to stop banging and get breakfast, for a big day awaits.

Max and Emmy join Zak and Wheezie for a bowl of pink Drags flakes cereal. Zak starts to enjoy his breakfast, but before he can take a single spoonful, Wheezie gets her own cereal spilled into Zak's bowl. She is digging through her cereal box looking for a prize inside, much to Zak's disdain. Zak explains that he has to find a Jugglebug to bring to school for show-and-tell, noting that Jugglebugs are very rare and difficult to find. Max is curious about it, and Zak is upset at Wheezie's actions. In addition, he cannot find his magnifying glass. Wheezie remembers she borrowed it, but lost it, and when she suggests Zak to use a flyswatter instead, Zak has finally really had enough of his sister's inconsideration and takes out a red-and-white striped cone and puts it over his head, much to Wheezie's dismay. She explains that it's an Alone cone, which a two-headed dragon wears when one head doesn't want to hear or see the other, like when it is because the latter head is really bugging the former head.

Wheezie doesn't get why Zak is wearing the alone cone. While walking about, Max asks how Zak can find a jugglebug wearing the cone, since he couldn't see where he was going. Wheezie asks him nicely to take off the cone. Zak does so for a bit, pretending he can't hear what she is saying, but refuses to take it off, since he's still angry at Wheezie, and then puts it back on. Wheezie asks why Zak is so mad at her, and Emmy and Max reply that she made him angry by keeping him up all night with her loud banging, ruined his breakfast, and lost his magnifying glass. Zak takes off the cone again, even though he still feels angry, and pretends he still can't hear her, but notes that it is indeed the reason, and puts it back on again. Wheezie, having not known she was bugging Zak, resolves to show him that she is sorry. She looks throughout her side of their pouch apologetically and finally finds his magnifying glass. Wheezie apologizes to Zak, who in turn forgives her, taking off the cone, and they decide to look for the jugglebug.

Zak & Wheezie take Max and Emmy to the Stickleback Mountains, noting the Jugglebug's rarity. Unfortunately, there is a hold-up when Wheezie spots a beach, which she really wants to swim at. This leads to a fight, which makes the ride harder for the children. Zak asks where his alone cone is, so Wheezie decides that after the Jugglebug search, they'll swim.

Once the brother-and-sister pairs have landed, Zak warns the gang that, in addition to being so rare, Jugglebugs are also scared of loud noises, so they must be quiet. Wheezie, having taken out a net, finds some moving creatures, but instead found a pack of Spiny Pines. Zak explains they would know where a Jugglebug might be because they make an unusual sound. They then hear a gibberish sound in a bush. Upon looking, they find the Jugglebug in the bushes juggling three acorns. Zak observes it with his magnifying glass. Unfortunately, Wheezie is too excited to listen to directions and decides to greet it loudly, scaring the Jugglebug away. Zak gets very upset and takes out the alone cone and puts it back on once more. Wheezie realizes she messed up and apologizes, begging him to come out of the cone. Zak tearfully does so, lamenting he has nothing to share at school. Wheezie admits the fault for her actions, and decides to search for the Jugglebug again. Unfortunately, the school bell is ringing, which means school is already starting, and they'll have to go without anything for Zak to share, until Wheezie has an idea.

At school, Quetzal calls upon Zak. He notes that he didn't bring anything, but he and Wheezie do have something to share. Using a few balls to demonstrate, Zak and Wheezie talk about a Jugglebug, and they do what Jugglebugs do, mimicking the gibberish sound it makes, much to the others' applause (especially Ord and Cassie) . At that moment, the real Jugglebug comes back with acorns, which it throws to the twins, and then together, the three of them juggle the balls and acorns. Everyone else applauds and cheers.

Once Emmy and Max have gone back home, it is still pretty early in the day for their parents to wake up (since it's probably the weekend), so Emmy decides to color, and Max decides to juggle the red ball from earlier like the Jugglebug. Unfortunately, he does not really juggle, only throws the ball, and knocks things over, just like Emmy had mentioned at breakfast in the twins' cave. It appears that she is wearing an alone cone with a picture of Zak and Wheezie on it, and the children laugh.



Quibbling Siblings (transcript)

Memorable Quotes[]

  • Max: Where are your mommy and daddy?
  • Wheezie: Asleep!
  • Emmy: Through all this racket?!
  • Zak: They can sleep through anything!
  • Wheezie: They LOOOOVE music!!!
  • Zak: Please!!! No more practicing! Let's have breakfast. This is such a big day!!!
  • Emmy: Ooh, I could use an alone cone sometimes, Max! Like when I'm trying to color, and you're making a ton of noise, Max!
  • Max: [finishing his slurping of his milk from his cereal bowl] Me?
  • Wheezie: Please take that silly thing off.
  • [Zak does take off the alone cone, but is still very angry.]
  • Zak: I can't hear a word you're saying. And no, I will not take the silly thing off!
  • [He angrily puts it back on.]
  • Wheezie: Why is Zaky so mad at me?!
  • Emmy: Well, you made him angry.
  • Wheezie: Me?! Are you kidding?! Name one thing I could have done to make Zak so mad!
  • Max: Well, you kept him up all night with your banging.
  • Wheezie: Okay. Name two things I could have done!
  • Emmy: You ruined his breakfast.
  • Max: And you lost his magnifying glass!
  • Wheezie: You, you really think that's why Zak is so mad?!
  • Zak: [He takes off the alone cone] I can't hear you! But yes, that's why!
  • [He angrily puts it back on.]
  • Zak: Shh! Remember. The jugglebug is very, very...
  • Max & Wheezie: Rare!
  • Max, Emmy, & Wheezie: We know, we know!
  • Zak: Right, and you have to be very, very quiet to catch one!
  • [Continuing to hum, the jugglebug drops its acorns and runs off in fear.]
  • Zak: Oh no!!! Wheezie! I knew it! I knew you couldn't be quiet!!!
  • [He gets very upset and puts the alone cone back on.]
  • Wheezie: Oh, I'm sorry! I just wanted to say "Hi." Come on, Zaky! Please come out of the cone.
  • [He does so, but he is still very upset.]
  • Zak: I'm doomed!! Now with the rare jugglebug gone, I have nothing to share at school! Nothing!!!
  • [Tears fall from his eyes.]
  • Wheezie: Yep, and it's all my fault.
  • Zak: Well, not exactly.
  • Quetzal: You didn't bring anything?
  • Zak: I didn't bring anything, but Wheezie and I do have something to share.
  • Max: Mommy and Daddy have to be up by now.
  • Emmy: I think it's still pretty early, Max.

Home Video release[]




Zak color error

Zak color error

  • Both Emmy and Max are heard asking, "Wheezie?" when they discover that she is the source of the banging sounds, but Max's mouth is not moving.
  • Despite the part where Wheezie's careless prize search in the green cereal box causes some of that to fall in Zak's pink Drags flakes, the rest of the clips showing his cereal bowl do not show any of the green flakes.
  • While Wheezie was finding Zak's magnifying glass in their pouch. Zak's leg became colored like Wheezie's.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Morals:
    • Siblings may not always get along well with each other, but they can still work things out together.
    • Be mindful about how your siblings feel. If you do something that might annoy them, it can make them get really angry and/or upset.
    • If one of your family members or friends are feeling upset and refuse to talk to you, leave them alone and let them come back to you when they're ready to talk. If you keep on annoying them while they're ignoring you, they might get angrier and yell at you as well.
  • Ord and Cassie do appear in this episode; however, they only make a minor cameo appearance towards the end and don't have any speaking lines.
  • This episode marks the meaning of the word "rare", meaning difficult to find.
  • This is the first and only time Zak cries.
  • This is the first time when Max or Emmy rides on another dragon other than Ord or Cassie, respectively. Instead, Emmy rides on Zak's side, and Max on Wheezie's side.
  • This is the first episode in which Max and Emmy have breakfast in Dragon Land. The second time being in "Rise And Bloom," when the gang has pancakes for breakfast at Ord's house.
  • This is the second time someone refuses to talk to someone else due to their anger.
    • The first time being in "A Smashing Success," after Wheezie gets very angry when her trumpet is broken, and blames Zak, then Cassie for breaking it, and refuses to talk to them again. However, it was actually Emmy who broke it by accident.
    • The third time being in "The Grudge Won't Budge," after Zak refuses to forgive or talk to Wheezie for accidentally breaking his snootflute, which causes a Grudge to hang out with them for a while.