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Remember The Pillow Fort
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Season: 2
Production code: 3b
Broadcast number: 3b
Written by:
Lane Raichert
Broadcast Information
PBS Kids Premiere:
June 6, 2001
Paired with
"Finders Keepers"

Remember The Pillow Fort is the second segment of the third episode of the second season of Dragon Tales.


Ord and Max pretend to be kings and build a pillow fort, but they get into an argument over which color it should be.


Max is dressing up as a king, and asks Emmy if she wants to be queen. She declines, as instead, she is dressing up as a doctor. She even plays doctor by using Lupita (her doll) as a patient, and using a stethoscope on her heart. She offers to have Max as her patient, but he passes up the idea, as he wants to be king. The gang then goes to Dragon Land.

The children offer their respective best friends costumes like their own: a king costume for Ord, and a doctor costume for Cassie. Max picks a rock for his castle, and Ord chooses what he mistakes for another rock for his castle, but that rock turns out to be a shell of a living turtle. They then move to a mushroom where the girls (not including Wheezie) are playing doctor with Lupita as a patient. They tell the boys (not including Zak) to play somewhere else.

The boys (again, omitting Zak) go to a forest of pillow trees, and they each pick pillows for forts: red for Ord, and purple for Max. They are building forts. Ord goes to find more pillows. Meanwhile, Max is hearing song problems from Zak and Wheezie. They are trying to come up with a song about feelings for a music lesson the next day, and they had been trying for days. Wheezie tries one about wind blowing, much to Zak's annoyance. After Max asks about their problem and they explain it, Wheezie tries singing about Ord and Max's opposite heights and building a pillow fort, but Zak says it's about feelings, like happy and sad. Ord comes back, telling Max he cannot find any more purple pillows. He asks to use some of Max's purple pillows on his fort. This leads to an argument, as Max won't let him, because purple is Max's color, and red is Ord's. Ord uses sour grapes talk, saying he never liked purple anyway. Max says that purple is better than red, but Ord disagrees, and they keep arguing. Both Zak and Wheezie decide the argument makes a good idea for a song, so they make up a song about being angry with each other.

The girls (again, omitting Wheezie), come to find out what's going on. Emmy and Cassie agree that both their forts are great. Max tries to get Cassie to agree that purple is cool, but Ord tells Emmy that red is nice, too, just like apples, something Emmy likes, and Cassie mentions that purple is the color of something she loves: grapes. That briefly leads to the girls arguing over which color is better, but they immediately regret their argument and decide to go back and play hospital. Zak and Wheezie decide to add that to their song and leave.

Having never gotten the remaining girls' opinion on which fort they liked best, the remaining boys try to call after them. Ord is unhappy about the fight he and Max are having. Max doesn't like fighting with him, but that doesn't change his mind about which color is better, much to both their dismay. Ord asks how they'll stop fighting, but Max has no idea. Zak and Wheezie come back to tell them the news: they finally have their feelings song, for which they thank Ord and Max. The song is about them once having fun, but now fighting. They perform the song (albeit as a rap number) and leave, thanking the boys. Max agrees with Zak and Wheezie that they used to have fun. They are now talking about things they used to do together: sledding down a mountain, playing music, cooking in Zak and Wheezie's kitchen, playing hide-and-snow-seek, flying on a magic carpet, catching clouds, making sandcastles (and sand bombs and sandwiches), Ord coaching Max on swinging on a jungle gym, Max coaching Ord on riding a bike, and Ord being surprised on his birthday.

This makes Max want to be friends with Ord again, but still likes purple, and Ord still likes red. However, they decided to use both colors for a fort they can share, so that's what they do.

Once the children return home, they decide to build a pillow fort, where Emmy takes one with a red pillow on top, and Max takes one with a purple one on top.



Remember The Pillow Fort (transcript)

Memorable Quotes[]

Max: I am King Max! Give all my people dessert!

Ord: Oh, I'm a king too! Give me all the dessert!

Ord: This mushroom will be my new castle!

Emmy: Ord! (giggles) You and Max have to play somewhere else!

Wheezie: ♪Ord is tall and Max is short.♪ ♪They both built a pillow fort!♪

Max: But you can't! Purple's my color, and red is yours!

Ord: Fine! I've never liked purple anyway.

Max: What's wrong with purple?! Purple's better than red!

Ord: Nuh-uh! Red is better than purple!

Max: Is not!

Ord: Is too!

(Last two lines repeated.)

Zak: ♪Is not!♪

Wheezie: ♪Is too!♪

Zak: ♪I'm mad!♪

Wheezie: ♪Mad at you!♪

Ord: Max and I are having a fight!

Cassie: What about?

Max: Ord thinks his red fort is better than my purple fort!

Ord: Max thinks his purple fort is better than my red fort!

Ord: But red is nice, too, Emmy! Just like apples! I know you like apples!

Cassie: But your fort is the same color as grapes. I love grapes.

Emmy: You're wrong! Purple isn't better than red!

Cassie: I'm not wrong!

(The girls moan about this fight.)

Wheezie: We used to have fun all day!

Zak: We were happy, and we played!

Wheezie: Now we're sad, and we fight...!

Zak: From the morning till the night!

(They repeat all the above.)

Max: Didn't we have a great time?

Max: I wanna be friends again, but I still like purple.

Ord: And I still like red.

Max: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Max and Emmy: Pillow fort!

(They get out stacks of pillows, with Emmy getting one with a red pillow on top, and Max getting one with a purple one on top.)

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Notes and Trivia[]

  • Morals:
    • Even good friends have fights and/or disagreements, but what's important is to remember the good times together and work through your problems as best as you can.
    • Everyone likes/favors different things, but that doesn't decide which is better (e.g. Max likes purple, and Ord likes red, but that doesn't make either color better than the other).
  • Although Ord and Cassie mention the following respective fruits being in the same color as his fort and Max's, respectively, not all apples are red, nor all grapes purple. Both of those can also come in green (even when they are ripe), and there are also yellow apples and red grapes (although red grapes are a purplish shade of red).
  • Flashbacks of some of Max and Ord's adventures are scenes from Season 1: Snow Dragons, Calling Dr. Zak, The Big Cake Mix-Up, My Way Or Snow Way, Max And The Magic Carpet, Under The Weather, Sand Castle Hassle, Over And Over, A Liking To Biking and Ord's Unhappy Birthday.