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Rise and Bloom
Rise And Bloom
Season: 3
Production code: 2a
Broadcast number: 2a
Written by:
Jana King Kalichman
Broadcast Information
PBS Kids Premiere:
February 22, 2005
Paired with
"Super Snow Day"
"Dragon Scouts" (2005 Broadcast)

Rise and Bloom is the first segment of the second episode of the third season of Dragon Tales.


Max wants to see the Bursting Blossoms bloom in Dragon Land, but it happens at sunrise and he has trouble staying awake. With the help of his friends, Max finds ways to help his body wake up so he doesn’t sleep through it.


Emmy's alarm clock has gone off at 6:00 AM, so she gets up and puts on her slippers, waking Enrique (who has come over to sleep over) and Max. Enrique is excited about the future sight of the bursting blossoms at Blossom Ridge. Max is still sleepy, despite having waited all year for the bursting blossoms, although he does briefly get excited. The trio get dressed and leave for Dragon Land.

The children arrive at Ord's cave, and Emmy knocks. Ord asks who they are, and Emmy explains. Ord excitedly hugs the older children at one time, and then, telling them they are just in time for breakfast (they hadn't had any due to early rising and getting ready otherwise), does the same to Max.

Ord explains that his mother got up extra early to make pancakes with some dragonberries and some sort of syrup (probably maple). So far, everyone (yes, even Zak, Wheezie, and Cassie, as they are guests, too) is at the table except Max who is lying on a big lounge chair, as he is too sleepy to even think, let alone eat... at least that's what he says. Zak says that makes breakfast the most important meal of the day because it wakes the brain, and as Wheezie adds, makes the mouth move and tummy groove. Max, wanting to wake his brain up, walks to the table to have breakfast with the rest of the gang. They have finally finished their pancakes (but not everyone has finished his or her glass of milk), and Max says his brain feels awake, so they get going.

The sun is starting to rise, but Max is sleepy again, and decides to stay behind. Ord reminds him that he has been talking about the bursting blossoms all the time, and that he doesn't want to miss out. The breakfast had woken up his brain, but not the rest of his body. Enrique suggests exercise, just like his father jogs every morning. Cassie mentions that when she wakes up, she likes to do some stretches. Wheezie gets excited about how she (Cassie) does her stretches, so she gets everyone else exercising. When it came time to touch the sky, this gets Ord starting to fly in midair, but Wheezie catches him. Cassie has the gang touch their toes (without bending their knees), swing their arms around, and jog in place. This does wake Max's body more, and everyone starts to leave.

The flying gang sees the Stickleback Mountains up ahead. Cassie notes that part of the way to Blossom Ridge is flying over Mt. Unicorn. Enrique doesn't know what it is, and so he asks. Ord explains it's a mountain that's shaped like a unicorn on top. Max still has that icky, sleepy stuff in his eyes and therefore can't see if Mt. Unicorn is in sight. Ord notes that when his eyes are sleepy, he splashes water on his face. This makes Max wish for it, so they zoom through a rain cloud that Enrique points out, as clouds are a form of liquid water. He does temporarily feel totally awake, but feels sleepy again. Wheezie finds Mt. Unicorn, and the gang passes it.

Enrique finds a fountain with musical notes and asks if it's Singing Springs. Wheezie confirms that it is, and is impressed with him getting to know Dragon Land really well. Unfortunately, the music sounds lulling to Max. Unfortunately for Ord, that yawn is contagious. This gets to Wheezie, too, but Cassie notes that if they're all yawning and sleepy, they won't be able to fly as fast, which means (as Enrique adds) no making it to Blossom Ridge to see the bursting blossoms. Zak says they need fresh air in their lungs. Emmy mentions that when her mother wakes up, she sings along with the radio, as it fills her lungs with air, wakes her voice, and makes her feel completely good. Enrique decides Singing Springs will help them sing, which everyone else agrees with. In fact, he picks the Spanish "Good Morning" song, which is set to the tune of "Frère Jacques/Are You Sleeping." Emmy suggests the boys sing the first part, and she'll sing the answer part, to teach the gang the song. This is what is done, and then the whole gang sings the song, and Max feels good all over.

The sun is just about over Blossom Ridge, so Max asks the others if they're sleepy or something.

The gang arrives, but the blossoms are asleep. Max points out that it must be hard to wake up after sleeping all year. He asks Ord if he has a watering can. After fishing out a skateboard and a tennis (or badminton) racket, he gives Max the can. He fetches water from the nearby stream and then waters the blossoms. That layer of pink petals opens up, but there is a second layer of blue petals that's still asleep. Max decides to start with the "Good Morning" song, and that wakes the blossoms up to the point of making them open up a third, purple layer, and those burst bubbly light (but not before closing back into the blue layer for a little bit). Max is glad he was wide awake to see this.

The gang returns home, and Enrique decides they have the whole day to play (quietly). However, Max decides to go wake his parents, and the older children laugh.



Rise And Bloom (transcript)

Memorable Quotes[]

  • Emmy: Bursting blossoms, Max. You've been waiting all year for this.
  • Ord: My mommy got up extra early to make us pancakes with dragonberries. Special.
  • Ord: I have an idea, Max.
  • Max: And I know what it is. Let's go, Ord!
  • [To the tune of "Frère Jacques"] Max & Enrique: ♪Buenos días.♪ ♪Buenos días.♪ ♪¿Cómo estás?♪ ♪¿Cómo estás?♪
  • Emmy: ♪Muy bien, gracias.♪ ♪Muy bien gracias.♪ ♪¿Y usted?♪ ♪¿Y usted?♫
  • Max: Wow! I feel good all over now!
  • Wheezie: Me too! Plenty of air in my lungs, and my voice is working just ♪Fiiiiiine!♫
  • Zak: [irritated] Yes. I noticed.
  • Enrique: Hey, it's still really early. We have the whole day to play.
  • Emmy: Long as we're not too loud. Our mom and dad are still asleep.
  • Max: Not for long.


  • At the end of the episode, after Max goes to wake up his parents, the toe caps of Emmy’s shoes are red instead of white.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Morals
    • Not having enough sleep can mess up your whole day.
    • Sometimes it’s hard to get up in the morning, but there’s plenty of things that can wake you up (like singing or eating breakfast).
  • This is the second time Max and Emmy have breakfast in Dragon Land, and the second time with Zak and Wheezie (the first being "Quibbling Siblings" where they have bowls of cereal in Zak and Wheezie's knuckerhole), but the first time they have it in some other dragon home (Ord's cave this time), the first time they have it with Ord or Cassie (both in this case), and the only time Enrique does the same.