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Roller Coaster Dragon
Season: 1
Production code: 33b
Broadcast number: 33b
Written by:
Jeffrey Scott
Broadcast Information
PBS Kids Premiere:
April 19, 2000
Paired with
"Small Time"

Roller Coaster Dragon is the second segment of the thirty-third episode of the first season of Dragon Tales.


The Roller Coaster Dragon has come to Dragon Land and the gang is excited to ride it, especially Wheezie who has been waiting for it and talking about it for weeks. She also has a hard time being patient on waiting for her turn after all the spaces on the Roller Coster Dragon are taken and the ticket taker tells her that the next ride will be in 10 minutes. To get her mind off the Roller Coster Dragon while waiting for her turn to come up, the rest of the gang helps her on doing other things and think about other things until their turn comes up.


Max is impatient to go to Dragon Land while Emmy is tying her shoes, for the Roller Coaster Dragon has come to Dragon Land. Upon their arrival, Wheezie is overly ecstatic to ride, having been annoying Zak talking about it for days. The gang gets in line to get in, but as Zak and Wheezie get to the front of the line, the Ticket Taking Gnome informs the gang that the seats are full, and they'll have to wait 10 minutes to take the next ride.

As the Roller Coaster Dragon loops around in the sky, the wait becomes tedious for the gang, as Wheezie is visibly impatient, constantly pestering the gnome if time has lapsed yet, but cautions her to be patient or he'll have to ask her to leave. Zak tried to stop her so Wheezie tried to wait but she asked him again and he ignored her. In an effort to distract Wheezie, Zak takes her to help Ord get some food, only for Wheezie to annoy the vendor to hurry up. Ord constantly changing his order in line until Wheezie snapped. Afterwards, Wheezie starts overeating to pass the time until Zak starts feel the effects of Wheezie's impatience. The gang insists on cloud watching to take Wheezie's mind off, but it backfires when Wheezie spots a cloud resembling the Roller Coaster Dragon.

When Wheezie annoys the Ticket Taking Gnome yet again, she starts to feel guilty for her impatience. She promises to not think about the Roller Coaster Dragon, but has trouble doing so. The gang plays patty-cake for a moment, and it helped Wheezie suggest a song to perform. The gang performs, and Wheezie dances to her amusement. But her laughter is cut short when Zak calls her attention that the Roller Coaster Dragon is returning from its 10 minute ride. The gnome thanks Wheezie for waiting, and the gang boards the Roller Coaster Dragon, which takes flight for a loop around the Stickleback Mountains and Rainbow Canyon. Wheezie believes that the ride was worth waiting for.

Upon returning home, Max and Emmy's mom announces that she's off to the supermarket to buy their dinner and ice cream, and would return within 15 minutes. They decide to pass the time drawing, but when they draw shapes that resemble an ice cream cone, Max and Emmy start calling for their mom.



Roller Coaster Dragon (transcript)

Memorable Quotes[]

  • Emmy and Max's Mom: Max, Emmy, I'm going to the store to get dinner and ice cream. Be back in fifteen minutes.
  • Emmy and Max: Ice cream!
  • Max: Only 15 minutes? I can wait that long. Easy.
  • Emmy: Me too. Let’s draw.
  • Max: I drew a circle. Your turn.
  • Emmy: There’s a triangle.
  • Max: Oh no, it looks like an ice cream cone!
  • Emmy and Max: Mom!

Home Video release[]



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Notes and Trivia[]

  • Moral: Some things are worth the wait.
  • This is the first time someone becomes impatient and refuses to wait. The second time being in "The Art of Patience," when Max made the Dragons' artwork dry too fast and melted them and was being impatient to wait for certain things to be done, only for them to start all over again. Then there is "Let's Dance," where again, Wheezie has trouble waiting for something (this time to open a box).
  • It was hard for Wheezie to wait patiently for the Roller Coaster Dragon to come and let them in, yet Wheezie's dragon badge does not glow. This might be before the writers decided on having either twin's badge glow independently at any point.
  • The cast are Canadian, which means they would have pronounced the letter Z as "zed." However, they pronounce it "zee" like Americans (presumably because of the fact that Zed wouldn’t rhyme with ‘Me’).
  • The ride operator's appearance and voice are based on W.C. Fields.
  • On a side note, the operator states that the wait time is 10 minutes, which takes up a majority of the episode (considering that each segment has an average running time of 11-12 minutes)