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Dragon Tales - School Is Cool! VHS Cover

School Is Cool! is a VHS featuring 3 episodes of Dragon Tales.


  1. "A Cool School"
  2. "Treasure Hunt"
  3. "Do Not Pass Gnome"

Dragon Tunes segments[]

  1. The Hello Song
  2. Hum


  • "Treasure Hunt" and "Do Not Pass Gnome" did air on TV in a row, but in the opposite order.
    • Such as it is, the end credits title card was just from the "short slide" still from the latter episode, without the dragons or children being shown.
    • Because of this; they share the same credits on the video. On the other hand, even though "Out With The Garbage" and "Lights, Camera, Dragons" did air in a row and were put in the same order in a row on Let's Help Each Other!, they didn't share the same credits
    • This is the 2nd VHS to have Hum as one of the Dragon Tunes, The first being is Let’s All Share!