Dragon Tales Wiki

Season 1 (1999–2000)

  • This was the only season to use cel animation.
  • The only season to be under the Children's Television Workshop name, and to have the 1997 Children's Television Workshop semicircle logo. However, reruns of this season replaced it with the Sesame Workshop logo.
  • Emmy and Max were present for all episodes.
  • Ord was absent for two episodes.
  • Cassie, Zak, and Wheezie were absent for seven episodes.
  • Quetzal was absent for 2 episodes in the School in the Sky.
  • Max went to Dragon Land without Emmy in one episode.
  • The transportation scenes are more bright with several episodes having unique animations.


  1. To Fly With Dragons/The Forest of Darkness
  2. To Kingdom Come/Goodbye Little Caterpoozle
  3. Knot a Problem/Ord's Unhappy Birthday
  4. Tails You Lose/Calling Dr. Zak
  5. Pigment of Your Imagination/Zak's Song
  6. Snow Dragons/The Fury Is Out On This One
  7. The Giant of Nod/The Big Sleepover
  8. A Picture's Worth A Thousand Words/The Talent Pool
  9. Emmy's Dream House/Dragon Sails
  10. Eggs Over Easy/A Liking To Biking
  11. Sky Pirates/Four Little Pigs
  12. Zak and the Beanstalk/A Feat On Her Feet
  13. Not Separated At Birth/A Kite For Quetzal
  14. Dragon Drop/Cassie Loves A Parade
  15. A Cool School/Max's Comic Adventure
  16. It Happened One Nightmare/Staying Within The Lines
  17. Follow The Dots/A Smashing Success
  18. Quibbling Siblings/Wheezie's Hairball
  19. A Tall Tale/Stormy Weather
  20. Blowin' In The Wind/No Hitter
  21. Do Not Pass Gnome/Treasure Hunt
  22. The Jumping Bean Express/Get Offa My Cloud
  23. Backwards To Forwards/Sounds Like Trouble
  24. The Greatest Show In Dragon Land/Prepare According To Instructions
  25. Wheezie's Last Laugh/Frog Prints
  26. Crash Landings/The Big Cake Mix-Up
  27. Quetzal's Magic Pop-Up Book/My Way Or Snow Way
  28. Sand Castle Hassle/True Blue Friend
  29. Zak Takes A Dive/Under The Weather
  30. My Emmy Or Bust/Light My Firebreath
  31. Follow The Leader/Max And The Magic Carpet
  32. Rope Trick/Baby Troubles
  33. Small Time/Roller Coaster Dragon
  34. Up, Up And Away/Wild Time
  35. Bad Share Day/Whole Lotta Maracas Goin' On
  36. Ord Sees The Light/The Ugly Dragling
  37. Out With The Garbage/Lights, Camera, Dragons
  38. Bully For You/The Great White Cloud Whale
  39. To Do or Not to Do/Much Ado About Nodlings
  40. Don't Bug Me!/Over And Over