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Season 3 (2005)

  • Enrique debuted in this season and was also absent for 2 of this season's episodes.
  • This season consisted of episodes being repeated from Season 2 and earlier from this season.


  1. To Fly With A New Friend Part 1 & 2
  2. Rise And Bloom/Super Snow Day
  3. Musical Scales/Hand In Hand
  4. Sky Soccer/Making It Fun
  5. Itching For A Cure/The Big Race
  6. Lucky Stone (repeat)/Max Loves A Train
  7. A New Friend (repeat)/El Dia del Maestro
  8. Finn's Blankie/Let's Dance (repeat)
  9. Express Yourself/A Snowman For All Seasons (repeat)
  10. Prince For A Day/So Long Solo (repeat)
  11. The Balancing Act (repeat)/A Small Victory
  12. Feliz Cumpleaños, Enrique/On Thin Ice (repeat)
  13. Teasing Is Not Pleasing (repeat)/Down The Drain
  14. All That Glitters/Dragonberry Drought (repeat)
  15. A Crown For Princess Kidoodle (repeat)/Play It And Say It
  16. Moving On/Head Over Heels (repeat)
  17. All Together Now/Team Work (repeat)
  18. Making It Fun (repeat)/The Sorrow And The Party (repeat)
  19. Itching For A Cure (repeat)/Cassie Catches Up (repeat)
  20. Sad Little Star/Try It You'll Like It (repeat)
  21. The Big Race (repeat)/Bye Bye Baby Birdie (repeat)
  22. Sky Soccer (repeat)/Room For Change (repeat)
  23. Rise And Bloom (repeat)/Dragon Scouts (repeat)
  24. Musical Scales (repeat)/Something's Missing (repeat)
  25. Green Thumbs (repeat)/Hand In Hand (repeat)
  26. Cassie, The Green-Eyed Dragon (repeat)/Hello, Ms. Tipps
  27. Super Snow Day (repeat)/Make No Mistake (repeat)
  28. Finders Keepers (repeat)/A Storybook Ending
  29. Just the Two of Us/Cowboy Max
  30. Flip Flop/Just For Laughs (repeat)