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Seek and Find with Ord is an online Dragon Tales game that was featured on the PBS Kids website during Dragon Tales' airtime. It was originally titled "Forest of Darkness" when it was first added to the site.


The player can help Ord explore the Forest of Darkness by clicking around the screen to uncover what is hiding in the forest. Clicking on different parts of the screen reveals one part of the hidden friend or object. When the player is ready to guess what is hiding in the forest, clicking the "I Know What It Is" button presents the player with four possibilities. Then the player can choose the correct answer.

Original description[]

When Ord visits the "Forest of Darkness," he is faced with the challenge of coping with his fear of the dark. In this matching game, your child can help Ord explore the forest. As she clicks on the screen, she will illuminate different areas. Each illuminated area reveals a part of a favorite Dragon Land character or object. When she sees enough to identify what (or who) it is, she can click the "I Know What It Is" button. Four choices will appear and the child must click on the one that she thinks she saw in the dark.