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Simon (voiced by Ian James Corlett) is a flying gnome and a one-time episode character who is criss-cross applesauce in Dragon Land, but only in "Do Not Pass Gnome". He is the host of a game show-esque version of the game "Simon Says," for which he is named. The only episode he appeared in was "Do Not Pass Gnome".

Physical Appearance[]

Simon is a green-haired gnome with a goatee, and he wears a blue top hat with a yellow band around it, a yellow shirt, red bowtie, blue jacket with white trim and a yellow-petaled daisy on the left lapel (with the hem cut like two pant legs), white toon gloves (like Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny, and Marvin the Martian for example), pink pants, and blue sandals with white socks. He always carries a microphone in his right hand and hovers in the air while sitting criss-cross applesauce.






Season 1[]

Dragon Tunes[]


  • His vocals in The Silly Song are by a different unidentified voice instead of Ian James Corlett.