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This is a transcript of the Dragon Tales episode "Small Time" from season two which aired on April 19, 2000.


  • Max: Do you think I’ll be big enough to ride the bumper cars this year?
  • Emmy: Can’t tell.
  • Max: I better be. I’m tired of being too little for everything. Like the drinking fountain at school, and the bookshelf, and mostly the bumper cars at Fun Land.
  • Cassie: Hey! It looks exactly like Emmy’s kickball. It must’ve shrunk. [worried] What if Max and Emmy touched the shrinking violets?
  • Zak: [calmly] Well, then they’d shrink down to teeny tiny……..OH NO!!! THEY’VE SHRUNK!!!!
  • Max: That was close!
  • Emmy: Too close! Now what?
  • Max: Let’s go home! Right now!
  • Emmy: We could, but we’d still be tiny. I don’t think mom would like that. There must be some way to let the dragons know we’re here.
  • Max: We need help.
  • Emmy: Big time.
  • Max: You know, Emmy. I love being big again. [Grunting] Except for maybe right now!
  • Emmy: [grunting] We’re stuck! Come on, Max! Push!
  • [The kids rock the box left and right, causing them to fall out as the box tips over. The kids are lying on the floor laughing as the episode ends.]