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Snow Dragons
Snowy dragons
Season: 1
Production code: 6a
Broadcast number: 6a
Story by:
Andrea Libman
Written by:
Laurie Bauman Arnold
Storyboards by:
Chantal Strand
Written & Storyboarded by:
Eli Gabay
Directed by:
Tim Eldred
Broadcast Information
PBS Kids Premiere:
September 20, 1999
Paired with
"The Fury Is Out On This One"

Snow Dragons is first segment of the sixth episode of the first season of Dragon Tales.


Quetzal tells Max and Ord to meet him at the Snow Dragon in the Stickleback Mountains, but they get lost in the snow on the way.


Max and Emmy are in the playroom getting dressed in their snow clothes, as Quetzal is taking them to Snowy Summit. Max wants to bring along a lot of toys to play with, but Emmy explains that you don't need toys to have fun in the snow.

When they get to Dragon Land, Quetzal tells them a short reminisce about when he was young, playing at Snowy Summit on a giant snow dragon. Emmy wants to know where Cassie is and Quetzal explains that she's getting over a cold. Emmy stays behind to keep Cassie company and Quetzal takes Max and Ord to Snowy Summit.

When they arrive at Snowy Summit, Max and Ord have a snowball fight before Quetzal starts leading them towards the Snow Dragon. Ord then finds a log that looks like a sled and Max wants to take a ride in it. But when they do, they forget Quetzal's advice to stay together and end up getting lost. At first, they're not too worried. Ord flies Max back towards the forest to find Quetzal, who's looking for them at the same time. Quetzal finds their footprints and believes they might have gone to the Snow Dragon and thus goes to meet them there.

Meanwhile, Ord and Max become a bit more concerned and hungry. Thankfully, they come across the Burping Rock which points them in the right direction, as the Snow Dragon was just past Icicle Falls. But their quest to reunite with Quetzal takes a chilly tumble when Ord’s wings freeze over in ice and snow, causing an inevitable crash landing. Now scared, stranded and hungry, Max begins to lose hope as Ord bursts into tears, fearing that they may be lost on Snowy Summit forever and might never see their families again. Max then remembers his parents telling him that whenever he’s lost, the thing to do is stay calm. He does so by singing a song, which cheers both of them up. Once they feel less scared, Max gets an idea to brush the ice off of Ord’s wings. Able to fly again, the two head over to the Snow Dragon, where they find Quetzal waiting for them. They admit their own faults what got them lost in the first place and explain everything that they endured. But Quetzal, being very forgiving is quick to let it go, as he sees that both Max and Ord had learned their lesson and what to do if they ever get lost again. Regardless, they end up having a wonderful time at the Snow Dragon.

Once the kids get home, Emmy tells Max what she and Cassie did while he and Ord were at the Snow Dragon. Max says that when Emmy gets to go, she should talk to a new friend, which happens to be a rock. When Emmy asks him what the rock says, Max replies with a burp.



Snow Dragons (transcript)

Memorable Quotes[]

  • Max: It’s been at least a gazillion years since you were little.
  • Quetzal: [Chuckles] Well, hundreds anyway.
  • Max: We haven’t even SEEN a burping rock, OR Icicle Falls…!! [Not quite sure what to do next, Ord and Max just sit in the snow, thinking it couldn’t get any worse. Seconds later, Ord’s tummy rumbles]
  • Ord: Max, we better find Quetzal soon. I’m STARVING…!
  • Max: Breakfast was so long ago, I can’t even remember it!
  • Ord: [he and Max are seen flying through the air now knowing how to get to Quetzal and the Snow Dragon, that is until he accidentally flies through some clouds which end up covering his wings in ice and snow] Uh-oh! My wings!! [The intense cold from the ice proves to be too much as his wings start to lose function. Max yelps as they come falling down to earth] GOING DOWN!!!! [Crash-landing in the snow in a tangled heap. Thankfully, they’re not hurt, but they ARE shaken up from the fall and Ord’s wings are icy and is unable to fly]
  • Max: What happened?
  • Ord: My wings are frozen. And you know what? My toes are frozen and my nose is frozen, too! If my wings are frozen, I can’t fly! And if I can’t fly, we’ll never get to Quetzal! NEVER EVER!
  • Max: [losing hope of ever finding the Snow Dragon and just wanting to go home, fearing they may be lost forever] Ord? I miss my mommy and daddy…
  • Ord: [horrified at the thought of never seeing his family again, the poor dragon ends up sobbing his eyes out] I MISS MY MOMMY AND DADDY TOO!!!!!
  • Emmy: [last line] Well, excuse you.

Home Video release[]

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  • When Ord and Max say ‘sorry Quetzal’, Max’s voice is heard, but his mouth doesn’t lip sync.
  • When Emmy and Max arrive in the School in the Sky, Emmy asks where Cassie is but not Zak and Wheezie.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Morals:
    • Make sure you tell someone where you’re going before you leave. It’s not safe to wander off on your own (ESPECIALLY if you don't know the way around where you're going all too well), nor is it fair to make someone worry about you.
    • Staying with an adult figure you trust is meant to help you from getting lost. And when you do get lost, the best thing you can do is stay calm.
  • Cassie was absent but was mentioned in this episode.
  • This is the first time where Max cries. The second time is in "One Big Wish."
  • This is the first episode to show Quetzal as a young dragon. However, while it isn't specified how old he is, he does hint that he’s several hundred years old.
  • This is the first episode the home rhyme isn't heard when the kids return home. The second episode is "The Shape of Things To Come," and the third and last episode is "Puzzlewood."
  • The sledding scene would later be reused and mentioned in "Remember The Pillow Fort."
  • Max's song has the same tune as Mary Had a Little Lamb.